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Leisse is by far the greatest gift I have ever given myself. Because of her, I now know exactly how to live my best life and show up for myself.

– Mathilde, 28

Private Coaching x LW

Here’s the skinny on working with me one on one:

It’s the real deal.

Coaching with me is a really special process, it’s an honour for me to be part of it, and it will most likely feel like “actionable therapy” for you. It’s so important to hire the coach with whom you feel a connection, because that’s a great sign that you’re going to get what exactly you need from the experience.

I don’t sell packages with a “do this for this long and you’ll feel this way!” guarantee.

Each client comes to the table with such a unique experience; I always have a plan of where we’re going, the route really depends on how you’re feeling, and truly what you need in the moment, as it comes up, to get you feeling how you want to feel.

Which is, in itself, the transformation.

You can choose to work with me for 5/8/11 one on one coaching sessions. Each session is an hour phone call, once a week, scheduled in at the same time to keep it super lifestyle friendly.

During the time we work together, you are also welcome to reach out via email if you need clarification or have an aha! insight to share…whatever feels good.

For most of us, therapy isn’t enough. It serves a purpose, but doesn’t always properly give you the tools to change your actual perspectives and beliefs. In my brand of coaching because we can go deeper, and figure out where it all comes from (the feelings, the stories, the blocks, the beliefs…), while creating an actionable plan for you (with tools, practices, mindset shifts…) as we go.

Coaching with me does, and takes infinite shape depending on the client.

Ready for the next step? Book a quick and complimentary call to chat about what specifically the process could look like for you, if it’s a good fit, and get started.

Reach out with any questions at all! I’m here to support you.

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Group Coaching

Interested in making the change, but not “loving” the idea of the attention being completely focused on you? Looking for a lifestyle friendly way to connect with like minded women? Intentional about finding high impact coaching that works for your price point?

Group coaching is perfect for you.

I run regular group coaching sessions throughout the year, that feel like a soul hugging, transformative workshop series. We meet weekly over video chat with an intimate group of people just like you who want to kick start purposeful change in their lives via connection and cohesion.

Click to join my six-week YES, YOU F***ING CAN program, starting January 2020, and start the new decade in ALL the right ways.

Online Courses


Want to get clear on where you’ve come from and where you’re going? Prefer to work away at your own pace, on your own schedule, in the comfort of your own couch? My online courses are made for you!


“To Call Myself Beloved: The Podcast With Leisse Wilcox” is the place to be to find clarity in what you want, confidence in who you are, and the courage to stay true to both

– all while driving to work or at home doing the dishes. These are the conversations we all want to have, and my podcast is the perfect place to have them. You are going to love this.

This is so much more than a highlight real.

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