About Leisse

I am a professional human and real-life adult.

My entire experience has been about coming home to my truest self, and to call myself beloved.

Through lots of life lessons learned first hand – including facing and overcoming the heartbreak of childhood trauma, death of a sibling, divorce, and breast cancer – I can tell you very honestly that I have had a lot of life lessons. And through each one – each intense one – I taught myself to turn something ugly into something beautiful.

I call it Emotional Alchemy.

Emotional Alchemy is my own particular brand of life and lifestyle coaching, and is centered around just that: take whatever it is that happened to shape you throughout your life, and make it your own. Make it make sense. Make it serve a purpose. Make it absolutely beautiful.

I am trained in Neuro-linguistic Programming, and all of my coaching one-on-one and self-study courses take root there: in our natural ability to identify the source of our thinking (our conscious thoughts), figure out where it comes from (our subconscious beliefs), and rewire it to see the kind of behaviour patterns and changes we wish to make.

And every time I watch it happen it feels like magic.

I’ve watched it in my own life, and I watch it over and over in the lives of my clients: you have everything you need inside of you, and I have the tools that will allow you to see that for yourself.

I am a passionate writer, speaker, coach, mother of three, and taco enthusiast. I celebrate and live a quiet, simple, and rich life with my family and friends in a tiny beachfront town; I know what it takes to bridge the gap between how you feel and how you know you want to feel, and it would be an absolute pleasure to guide you through that process.

I am so happy you’re here.

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