Top 30 Coaching Affirmations

1. You can totally do this.

2. Pause and ask yourself, “what is the story I’m telling myself…and is that story true?”

3. You want what you want for a reason…keep following those cosmic breadcrumbs.

4. We don’t want “the thing.” We think we want the thing…but what we want is the feeling we think the thing is going to bring us.

5. It is that simple, it is that complicated.

6. It is so much easier than you think it’s going to be; the hardest part is simply deciding to start.

7. Clarity in what you want, confidence in who you are, and the courage to stay true to both.

8. Learn from the past, prepare for your future, live in the now.

9. Imagine what the highest version of yourself would do…and act as if you’re already her.

10. Our feelings are just feedback, offering us incredible valuable insights as to what still needs to be healed.

11. “No” is a compete sentence.

12. Self care is truly about caring for your Self.

13. Ask “what would bring me more joy?” …and do that.

14. Setting loving, healthy boundaries will change each and every relationship in your life – for the better.

15. You are at cause for your life.

16. Look in the mirror and meet the person responsible for your happiness.

17. You are more than the sum of your parts.

18. There is a quiet victory in feeling seen.

19. Invest your time or invest your money: you pick. 

20. Success is a long game.

21. Change requires energy.

22. It’s time to stop letting your past dictate your future.

23.  Let abundance flow though me so that I may serve others

24. The only metric that matters is impact.

25. Inspired action > inspiration.

26. Most of the time, our pain doesn’t come from what happened; it comes from our inability to talk about what happened.

27. “I am ready to be ready.”

28. This has a solution.

29. You are worthy of feeling good. You are worthy of feeling good. You are worthy of feeling good.

30. When was the last time you decided to do something just for you?


Life is not a listicle – but is sure is helpful to have a list of power statements to draw from when you need it most.

Changing your inner dialogue is essential to feeling better; start with my top 30 coaching affirmations from my own private NLP coaching practice.

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