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a story of hope, healing, and coming home.
To Call Myself Beloved.
No. 1 Best Seller in Self Esteem
No. 1 Best Seller in Mental Health
No. 1 Best Seller in Spirituality

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This is the book I WISH had existed when I was going through the process of waking up my own life. It’s my own personal guidebook to finding clarity in what you want, confidence in who you are, and the courage to stay true to both. You can come to my VIRTUAL LAUNCH PARTY by clicking the button below:

"Sizzling Truth."
Sarah Swain,
CEO The Great Canadian Woman
"Gut wrenchingly honest; smart, funny, and triumphant."
Catherine Choi,
CEO SoYoung Inc
"Toni Morrison meets Brene Brown."
Tania Moraes-Vaz,
"A call to dig deep within ourselves."
Shantelle Bisson,