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Leisse was the guiding light that showed me how to effectively pull out the roots of my childhood, and fully examine what exactly was holding me back in my life and career. I unequivocally feel like a different person; I actually believe in myself.

-Alanna 31

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Let’s connect and get you where you’re going. Whether you are reaching out to chat about coaching, speaking, collaborating, or where to get the best tacos in almost any city across North America, you can reach me here:

passionate speaker

Dynamic Thought Leader.

I absolutely love public speaking.

I have a comfortable and laid back style of presenting, with the unique ability to make every person in the room feel like I’m speaking just to them; in every speaking engagement I’m at, there’s laughter and also tears, as we get to the heart of what is truly inspiring to each audience.

Looking for a passionate speaker and dynamic thought leader for your next event?
to call myself beloved
Ranked Top 50 in Self Improvement in 5 Countries.