Time to let it go.

Sometimes the solution to the difficult feeling weighing on you so much you feel you might be crushed, is right in front of you – it just takes someone who listens, and really hears you to create the space to see that solution. Let’s use this safe, grounded, and 100% confidential hour an a half together to suss out what is bothering you, and come up with some strategies for next steps, and NLP / EFT coping mechanisms to ease your worried mind.

This clarity call is particularly helpful for: How to Make a Difficult Decision: Caught up in the never-ending infinity loop in your head of what-if and what-next? This is an excellent opportunity to chat with me – without judgment of or attachment to any outcome – and help you see things in a new light. The solution is right there; let me help you find it. Parenting Made Mindful: Let’s tackle one specific parenting issue (ie ending mealtime drama, improving sleep habits) with practical and family-friendly lifestyle hacks to make life easier and more enjoyable. Should I Stay Or Should I Go? If you’re at the point of Googling that phrase to help you figure out where you’re at in your relationship, it’s time for us to chat. Let’s work through the thought process – and logistics of staying in, or ending a relationship in a mindful, kind, and honest way. Growing Your Brand: This is perfect for entrepreneurs who’ve reached that plateau feeling, and need quick hit of inspiration to push through it. Let’s chat about how to find and refine your voice – especially online – and with a focus on doing so on social media. Online Dating: It can feel like a brave new world out there in terms of finding and creating the next relationship of your dreams. Whether you’re looking for Mr. Right, or Mr. Right Now, let’s chat about how to ask for what you want, and show up on dating platforms with grace and confidence.

 It’s time to let it go and move forward with renewed clarity.

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