A lot can happen in four weeks. I’ve experienced it personally, and I’ve watched it unfold for a number of my clients – small window of time, big change. We are inundated constantly with other people’s expectations of what makes a great life, what defines success, and what we call happiness. Too often, we let what other people call “great,” “success,” “happiness” color our own perspective on what they mean to us. And when we get stuck in that place of knowing what we know to be true, but not knowing how to accept it (for fear of being judged, of disappointing others, of breaking rank, of failing, of never measuring up, of causing a scene at Thanksgiving…) we experience dissonance.

That dissonance is a dangerous place, because it keeps us down, and living in a disingenuous place of what makes us us. How to Make it Happen is a four-week program designed to hash out what it is exactly you want: to feel, to be, to value, to love, to create, to express, to trailblaze; it’s four weeks of one-on-one with me to figure out where that dissonance is coming from, and how to clear it out, so that you can get what you want, finally just be you, and show up as the most honest and authentic version of yourself. When you feel free to show up as the most honest and authentic version of yourself, that’s when you feel free to do what you were put on this earth to do. It enables you to show up fully present in every single one of your relationships, it enables you to live out your passion through your purposeful work, and it enables you to go to bed at night knowing that you are doing it: you are here, living.

A lot can happen in four weeks.

Start right now, and let’s make it happen.

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