Total transformation: are you ready? If you’re here, and you’re feeling that kind of scared, kind of nervous, kind of sure you’re on the cusp of a mega breakthrough, you’re ready. Phoenix Rising is a beautiful and bespoke 12-week program I’ve designed to take every single one of the experiences that brought you here, and create epic love from them. Epic love for who you are. Epic love for where you are, where you’ve come from, and baby – where you’re going. For every woman that has felt the crushing realization that we all have one life to live, that that life is happening right here and now, and that the vision of herself isn’t quite aligned with the life she’s living now, Phoenix Rising is specifically for you.

We play these roles over the course of our lives: daughter, sister, friend, girlfriend, wife, mother, employee, employer. And it is oh so easy to get caught up in exactly that: playing a role. It is oh so easy to get lost in one singular identity, and let it define who you are and how you behave – even if it doesn’t even feel like you living out who you really are, or how you really want to behave. We are meant to evolve over a lifetime. We are meant to learn, grow, repeat. We are meant to experience adversity and failure and love and joy and success and bliss in a never-ending loop: and still, that loop can overcome us if we aren’t the one consciously dictating our thoughts and behaviors.

Phoenix Rising is rooted heavily in Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) and offers the tools to: + get clear on what values and beliefs your subconscious mind is hanging onto, tightly + shed light on how those values and beliefs help or hinder what you want in your conscious mind and reality + heal the dissonance or strengthen the connection between the two + cultivate the confidence to stand in your unique truth + foster the courage to stay true to what you want and who you are + create the ideal vision of your life + develop a practical, grounded, and lifestyle- friendly action plan to bring it into existence

You have everything you need. You are already perfect. You have all the answers inside you to figure out how you want to live and feel. Phoenix Rising is about finding the deep grace and grit to live that truth, and to stand confidently in who you are, so that you can make your lasting impression in this lifetime – in whatever way that resonates for you. You are not broken, and Phoenix Rising will help you tap into and feel your wholeness, exactly as and for whom you are.

The missing piece you’ve been looking for? The fresh start you’ve been craving?

It’s all right here,  waiting for you to rise up and come home. If you are ready to do the work, my lovely, I am ready to be right there with you, guiding you home. This is total transformation.

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Leisse Wilcox Leisse Wilcox Author
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