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After working with Leisse, I felt a clarity with my feelings and wants/needs that I didn’t know I was missing.  Prior to working with Leisse I would have described myself as being a strong personality, confident and happy, but she helped me learn that there was room in my life for feelings and emotions that I had ignored for a long time

– Maggie

Clarity Call

Time to let go.

Sometimes the solution to the difficult feeling weighing on you so much you feel you might be crushed, is right in front of you – it just takes someone who listens, and really hears you to create the space to see that solution.

Let’s use this safe, grounded, and 100% confidential hour an a half together to suss out what is bothering you, and come up with some strategies for next steps, and NLP / EFT coping mechanisms to ease your worried mind.

Phoenix Rising

If you’re here, and you’re feeling that kind of scared, kind of nervous, kind of sure you’re on the cusp of a mega breakthrough, you’re ready.

Phoenix Rising is a beautiful and bespoke 12-week program I’ve designed to take every single one of the experiences that brought you here, and create epic love from them. Epic love for who you are. Epic love for where you are, where you’ve come from, and baby – where you’re going.

For every woman that has felt the crushing realization that we all have one life to live, that that life is happening right here and now, and that the vision of herself isn’t quite aligned with the life she’s living now, Phoenix Rising is specifically for you.


Here’s the thing about being an entrepreneur right now,

that nobody tells you: to show up successfully – and authentically – online and in social media, it can feel like you are a one-woman media empire. And often without the learned skills necessary to do so.

So how do you stand out? How do you create high impact content that is true to you and your brand, while positioning yourself as the expert you are to have max outreach to the people who are waiting for you to come into their world?

Easy. You enroll in SHINE: Instagram Coaching For Entrepreneurs

Coming Soon

Group and Online Courses

First, Love Yourself

The most important relationship you will ever have is the one you have with yourself. It’s time to next level that relationship through my six-week intensive course: First, Love Yourself.

This six-week study in self-love (plus two weeks of bonus content) is the missing link in finding what you’ve been searching for all along: the deep, tender, unconditional love for every single part of yourself.

It’s unsettling, the feeling of waking up and realizing that you’re out of things to reach for; having the terrifying thought that “if this isn’t enough for me, then what the hell is wrong with me?”  The cold sweat fear that starts to plant seeds of “you might never be happy; you might always feel broken.”  The pang of guilt and self-doubt when you try explaining to friends and family how this is the job that solves the problem, this is the relationship that has it all, this is the hobby that really takes off into something big, this is the friendship that makes you feel whole, and after this move or vacation you’ll really feel like yourself again…

Emotional Alchemy

Transform Your Experiences into Beauty

Coming Soon!

Summer Of Self - Love

Coming Soon!



I met Leisse at exactly the right time in my life. I felt like I was stuck in a career that I hated, and was going through huge loss in my personal life. I needed somebody who could listen, but also understand what I was feeling. Leisse did that for me. She also made me feel like I was allowed to leave my old job, and helped me get started running a business I love with my mom. I feel like I am back, and so happy she helped me find confidence to do the damn thing.”

Rosie, 35
Director of Operations


“My life today looks completely different than a year ago. Not only do I understand myself better, I empower myself (and others), I find comfort within, I trust divine energy in that everything will work out in time, and I LOVE MYSELF.

Leisse is by far the greatest gift I have ever given myself. Because of her, I now know exactly how to live my best life and show up for myself.

Mathilde, 28
Commercial Co-ordinator (and coaching client)


“After working with Leisse, I felt a clarity with my feelings and wants/needs that I didn’t know I was missing.  Prior to working with Leisse I would have described myself as being a strong personality, confident and happy, but she helped me learn that there was room in my life for feelings and emotions that I had ignored for a long time.

She helped me open my heart, and it is more full now than it has ever been before.

I chose to work with Leisse on trusting the timing of my life, and being grateful that some things didn’t work out, and for good reason. Better things came to me in so many ways once I learned to open myself up to the positive and the possibilities. I actually got a little emotional writing this when I consider where my life was before and where I am now. Happiness begets happiness, and love begets love; Leisse is magic, and there are not enough words, emojis, or thank yous, to properly convey my gratitude to her for being exactly who she is, and for helping me become exactly who I am meant to be. Thank you for being so bloody amazing.”

Maggie, 44,
Licensed Paralegal


Leisse was the guiding light that showed me how to effectively pull out the roots of my childhood, and fully examine what exactly was holding me back in my life and career. I unequivocally feel like a different person; I actually believe in myself.


Alanna, 30
Sr Video Producer


“Leisse is pure magic. She radiates this sense of peace, boundless optimism, and peacefulness both in person and in her content. I feel like I get a piece of that every time I engage with her. She just makes me feel like people can be wonderful and honest at the same time. I’m always interested in what she has to to say.”


Lauren, 30 


You give impeccable advice without being patronizing or condescending, and that you inspire others to have the courage to live the life that is truly theirs, that they deserve and the is most authentic to who they are.You inspire this behaviour by exhibiting it in everything you do. You have introspection, the rare ability to look deeply within yourself and check in on your thoughts, feelings, and place in the world in an honest way. Without preaching or giving advice in a condescending manner, you impart wisdom you’ve acquired the years in an open, genuine, and kind manner.

Emily, 28
Sr Marketing Manager


Leisse has a magic ability to put words to feelings. It’s a gift that few people have. Magic ability to put words to feelings. It’s a gift that few people have. You are authentic in every sense of the word.


Suzanne, 36
Stylist and CEO


Leisse is unapologetically authentic! Oh so rare to find, and magnetic when you see it. She provides a safe forum to explore challenges and gives you a bravery injection. Leisse has the ability to make you feel like it is going to be ok, even when talking about tough subjects.


Shira, 42
Digital Entrepreneur

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