“I am the manifestation of someone else’s daydream.”

That’s been on my mind on repeat this week. If you’re here, the chances are high that you have dabbled in, or actively practice, or are at least curious about manifesting – using the immense power of your subconscious mind to call in what you want. In short, teaching your thoughts to become things. You can’t throw a heart-eyed emoji on the internet right now without someone beating you over the head with this: picture it. Make it happen.

While I am a huge fan of this, and have had successful experience after successful experience in this – so much that it makes me laugh a little out loud, the beauty and the timing of it all – I have to say that I think a lot of people are getting the message wrong. Which means even more people are interpreting it in the wrong way. And I’m here to course correct that for you.

Because you should get what you want; we all deserve happiness, love, joy, inner peace, and a life that feels true to our highest, most authentic selves. And right now, at this exact second, someone is desperately wanting exactly what it is you offer.

The art you’re creating and are afraid to sell for what it’s truly worth, because you think no one will buy it? Right now someone is looking for the perfect piece to hang on their living room wall, and is ready to invest in the joy of the experience and their space.

The book you want to write but are afraid to let it come out – in case no one will publish or read or appreciate it? Right now someone is going through the same experience you went through, wishing for the kind of unique guidance only you can offer in that book.

The beautiful, strong heart you have to love, love, love someone with, but doubt deep down anyone can handle or come looking for it? Right now someone is tired of meeting the same old same old, tired of weak connection, and is praying to meet the person who has as much to offer and as much substance as they do – you.

I bet you’ve experienced this: you’re thinking about a friend and she phones or texts you a moment later. It happens when you find the shoes you love, and there’s only one pair, it’s your size, and it’s on sale. It happens when your family has been feeling ready for a pet and the perfect-for-you dog shows up on your friend’s cousin’s radar, who needs a new home. It happens when you relive the story at dinner parties of “It was the funniest thing! I just happened to be at the perfect place at the perfect time!”

This little miracle happens quietly, all the time, all around us; if you think about it you can prove it to be true.

The trick is to keep letting it happen; too often we get caught up on making it happen, and this is where our plans derail. When we know what we want (which is usually a feeling, not a thing), clearly and without doubt, we can trust that it’s a foregone conclusion. Then we act in ways as if what we want is already ours, because essentially, it already is. From that place, it’s as if we are magnets being pulled together – thing we want, that also wants us.

We don’t have to do anything, it’s a force that naturally draws us together.

Read that again.

When we feel it’s our responsibility to “make it happen,” and it doesn’t happen as fast or exactly as we’d imagined it, it sets us back. We feel we’ve failed. We feel like we’re living in lack or going without – and it’s in THAT space where our dreams absolutely cannot grow.

So take a deep breath and push through the feelings that “maybe this isn’t FOR me; maybe I got it wrong. Maybe this is where I quit…” It is for you, and it’s just as excited about finding you, as you are about being found.

Try letting go of the need to control the how/who/when, and practice doing what you do best: being you. Let your unique magic be the magnet. Because you are the manifestation of someone else daydream. Patience.

You are not a burden. You are not too much. You are of value to yourself and to others. Your unique gifts and abilities – and each of your work/life idiosyncrasies – will not be overlooked or go unnoticed, but held, valued, appreciated, and cherished.

Just like you are manifesting exactly what it is you want, you have to remember that you ARE the manifestation of exactly what it is someone ELSE wants. It might not be the first client. The first publisher. The first date or crush or lover. Ugh, it might not be the 15th any of those, and there’s no question that rejection from each cuts like a damn knife.

But what you seek is seeking you, and it just takes one to have that breakthrough, and live out the gratitude and joy for what you’ve been so graciously expecting.


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