Ask for what you want. How’s that for a simple (and powerful) life truth?

How many times have you hidden what you really wanted, downplayed it, or changed it to accommodate what you thought someone else thought you should want? And how many times have you been disappointed that you didn’t end up getting what you wanted in the first place?

Think about stepping up in line at Starbucks: you have about a hundred thousand choices in front of you, right? If you leave it up to the barista to order for you, decide for you what you want, pick what he thinks you want, or expect him to read your mind, honey – you are not going to get what YOU want, because you didn’t have the courage or wherewithal to ask for it. And so, you can imagine, if you take the onus off you to ask for what you want, you’re going to leave disappointed, and seriously dissatisfied.

If you don’t ask for what you want, how will you ever get it? It’s not someone else’s responsibility to mind read or speak up for you – it’s yours; your responsibility to yourself is to speak up and declare what it is, specifically, that you want. This is an essential communication tool in your relationships (with partners, family, friends, children, colleagues…), in your visualizations of how you imagine your life taking shape, and even in your prayers and conversations with the spiritual side of you.

It’s SO SIMPLE, even if it feels outside your norm to step up and ask for what you really want: in behaviour, outcome, income, intimacy, coffee that’s full foam and half-caf, and gets easier with practice: ask for exactly what you want – and be prepared to receive it.

So what DO you want? Practice asking for it out loud right here in the comments, or send me a private message, just to prove to yourself that you can.

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