Beware, The Female Empowerment Brand

Oh yes, you read that title right. And that is the topic of conversation on this week’s episode of To Call Myself Beloved: The Podcast With Leisse Wilcox

I know what you’re thinking – “Leisse, aren’t YOU a female empowerment brand? Isn’t this kind of the dumbest move you could make?” Yes, I am sure am, in the most genuine of ways. And while I did delay sharing this episode by three weeks, because of my own fears of releasing this level of truth into the world, I stand behind it as coming from an honest, informed place.

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Here’s the hard truth: while there are many, MANY female empowerment brands and thought leaders showing up in our online and IRL worlds, there are many others who have figured out a way to juke the system, sell us a dream that isn’t really attainable – or even HEALTHY – and do so while capitalizing on the fears and insecurities of the audience they claim to serve.

And I am over it. Join me today as I shed some light on the buyer beware nature on the content you’re consuming, and why not all “female empowerment brands” are created equal. Talk is cheap, sunshine, and authenticity – not the “TM” kind – is what gets you to the heart of hearts.

Enjoy, and if you haven’t already, check out YES, YOU FUCKING CAN, the group coaching program I’m launching now for a January start – that adheres to alllll of the principles I lay out in this podcast.

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