I LOVE Christmas; it’s a season of magic and love.

So it hurts my heart to hear the many, many women tell me that Christmas doesn’t leave them feeling loved, it leaves them feeling tired, lonely, stressed, and broke. Do you relate?

Hard truth time: when did you decide to let it leave you feeling that way? When did you decide to follow a set of someone else’s rules + expectations dictate how you behave over the holidays? When did you decide to prioritize feelings of loss over feelings of love + joy?

There’s no doubt, especially after a life trauma or loss, that the holidays can feel like they’ve lost their luster, in a big way. I am a big believer – and living proof – that even in the face of life after the loss, there is still joy to be found.

And as for expectations? The ones that matter most, the ones you need to meet and measure up to, are the ones you establish for yourself. Period. You are a bonafide grown up now, capable of – and responsible for – making your own decisions.

There are just a few more sleeps till Christmas; this is just enough time to flip the switch on your perspective…or start working out your s*** for next year, lol. Either way it’s up to you to make the change you want to feel, so that you can feel free.

Christmas is a feeling, not a checklist. But if it DOES feel like a checklist to you, click here for a checklist reframe: how to de-stress your holiday, and make it feel like love and magic again. And trust me, this shit works.

Happy Friday, gorgeous.


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