Good brows don’t happen by accident – ain’t that the truth?

A strong brow frames your face, and really makes your natural beauty shine. I get asked about my brows a lot, especially having come through chemo and total hair loss – but with my brows looking fiiiiine. Because of a very old – and nasty – habit I developed in my teens, my already blonde brows are pretty sparse. Even before chemo, I started micro-blading them to fill in the blank space.

The great thing about microblading is how it fills in EVEN the blank-est of spaces; the less great thing? It takes a long time, doesn’t feel awesome unless you are heavily numbed (and even then – the sound is icky), and the cost adds up over time.

When the opportunity came up to do an influencer campaign with Moneris and Eye Love Beauty Bar, naturally I jumped at the chance. I had already followed them on Instagram, and their boutique is in my all-time favorite neighborhood of Toronto, the Queen and Ossington Strip.

My appointment was with the amazing Mary, the owner, whom I know is so booked in advance, she’s tough to get an appointment with. I felt so lucky. Going into Eye Love (Jimmy’s latte in hand, obviously), I felt so welcomed into the really bright and peaceful space.

Mary and I sat down, getting ready to do an eyebrow tint and wax for me. The first question she asked? “Tell me about your brows,” which of course got us into the conversation straightaway about how I finished chemo just months ago – and allowed us to get super real, super fast.

Turns out she has done plenty of work with Look Good Feel Better, an organization I also collaborate with for writing (and soon speaking) opportunities, and I loved getting to know more about her own passion for giving back to, and supporting women to shine in their natural beauty. This is one of those gem moments in shopping small, and shopping local: you develop a connection to the person behind the brand.

And connect we did. We talked about mindset, motherhood, building a brand, building an empire, scaling it slowly, defying expectations, overcoming imposter syndrome – it got pretty real pretty fast, and left me feeling giddy about the personal connection I had made with this incredible, humble, understated powerhouse of an entrepreneur.

Also, my brows look amazing.

After the tint and wax, she taught me how to use a liquid eyebrow pencil to create the illusion of more hair to get the coveted boy brow I love so much, and she recommended I stay away from microblading for awhile, because it can start to take up too much space.

I left feeling even more confident in how I looked, and in how wonderful, it is to connect in a real way with other entrepreneurs, who have the courage to just show up and be themselves. The whole thing was so easy, and I can’t wait to become a regular.

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