Big changes are afoot! My house – what I consider to be a love letter to my kids, my life, and myself for the last couple years – is for sale. Anywhere I go I make my home: I am a Taurus through and through, and making my life beautiful is a huge part of my life’s work, which includes the physical space in which I live.

We live in a charming little lakefront town called Cobourg, officially known as – and this is legit – Ontario’s Feel Good Town. It’s about an hour east of Toronto, and an easy hour and a half west of Prince Edward County. There a Via station within a five-minute walk (in heels) from my door, which means getting away to Ottawa, Montreal, or Toronto is easy and accessible.

This house is really special, and is what HGTV Canada called “the lovechild between Gloria Steinem and Domino Magazine.” With four bedrooms, two bathrooms, an open concept living/dining/kitchen space with pink and gold as far as the eye can see (and deliberately Instagrammable from every single angle), we’ve been featured in Apartment Therapy, Design Mom, the Toronto Star, and HGTV.


We are ready to make a change; after facing some of my most challenging obstacles head-on – and coming out bigger, better, more loved and self-assured than I knew to be possible – my girlies and I are moving to be closer to our family. We are ready for a fresh start. That means that this house, in all its cozy, lovely, splendor, is ready for a fresh start with a new homeowner.


I’ve included the Master Tour Link  here, which has the video + photo tour, official listing, and a few select design publication features; I would be DELIGHTED if you would consider sharing it socially and with the ones you love, to spread the word that the dream house someone has been looking for – maybe even YOU – is available for sale this weekend.

Life unfolds in a funny way, but always in the right timing – even if it doesn’t feel like it right away. This is big next step for me and for my family, and one that I know will make our lives even better, with more joy, love, and flow. Thank you so much for helping me manifest my own dreams into a gorgeous reality.

xx LW


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