If you are someone who worries a lot, or tends to feel anxious, this is for you: every problem has a solution. Every single one. You might not know what the solution is – yet – or even right away. Which can be frustrating, I know.

When you feel yourself starting to spin out when facing a new problem or issue, pause, breathe, and tell yourself in no uncertain terms, “this has a solution. Even though I don’t see it clearly yet, I trust that when the time is right, I will.”

Sometimes it’s talking it out, sometimes it’s a walk or change of scenery – sometimes it’s just TIME passing that reveals it, but I promise you that for every problem, there IS a legit solution.

Focus less on freaking out about how you’re going to solve it, or about all the things that could potentially go wrong, and focus exclusively on staying open to receiving the solution when it comes to you.

I pinky swear. 

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