Stop focusing on being perfect; start focusing on being yourself. 

We disguise our crushing fear of failure as a drive to be absolutely perfect. 90% of the time, that desire to be perfect is what holds us back and prevents us from experiencing the success we want in our biz, life, and love.

But lovely? Perfection is a total myth. It’s an unattainable goal – often marketed specifically to women with a desire for self-improvement – that literally does not exist.

We exist as a constant work in progress, which is what makes us a constant work of art – exactly as we are. This IS the beauty of our life, that we are enough right now in this moment.

Breath. Let go. Allow yourself to find peace with the you you are right now, and for that to be not only enough, but to be everything.

The compulsion to always be perfect was just a bad dream; you’re allowed to wake up now. Move on from the fear of not being enough, and delight in coming home to yourself. 

Relentlessly yourself. Relentlessly authentic. Not because “authenticity” has become a sellable word, but because the simple art of being yourself is THE key to joy, success, and freedom.

The freedom to be unapologetically yourself, comfortably, is what matters more than anything, and is the TRUE metric of success. Over and over, in any crowd, in any environment, at any age. THAT is what translates to showing up as the best version of you in your work / love / family life, which is what CREATES joy and success.

Forget about what everybody else is doing, and practice relentless authenticity because the only competition you have is with yourself.

Read that again, dolly: the only competition you have is with yourself. While I do believe there is a natural inclination to want to know what other people are doing – because we are social creatures – I also believe it is INCREDIBLY EFFING IMPORTANT TO TUNE IT OUT.

For real. You cannot allow yourself to focus on and chase what other people are doing – you have to focus on and chase what YOU are doing.

It does not matter what other women, brands, couples, families, influencers, designers, filmmakers, are doing: they’re living out their own lives and businesses while you’re living yours. The only thing that matters is what you are doing. What you bring to the table. How you are showing up with integrity and intention to leave your gorgeous mark on the world.

When you see someone else succeeding, ESPECIALLY in an area that you desperately want to experience success in, high five them. Celebrate. Send them in person or remote vibes of “holy crap you did it, and that is amazing!” Know that if you’re seeing that success, it’s more than likely a marker for you (and your subconscious mind) to realize “whoa – if it’s possible for her, that means what I want exists. And if what I want exists…it means I can actually achieve it.”

THAT is the magnetic power of relentless authenticity: knowing that the way you “stand out” and get to where you’re going is simply to BE you, and channel that magic into every single you do. Even when nobody is watching, and you’re not documenting it on IG.

All you have to do is be you – it’s that simple, and that complex. You have everything you need right now – you were born to live this life your way, and it’s your job to follow through with that. Getting clear on what makes you feel blocked from being yourself will clear the way for you to start showing up like you know you can.

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