Lots of ideas, little execution, am I right?

Following through is one of the greatest challenges many of us face, particularly if we are of the creative nature.  Coming up with the next great idea is never an issue – but putting it into action is – unless we consciously decide to do so.

I have been guilty of over-committing, then feeling all kinds of overwhelm for not being able to attned to everything the way that meets my own standards, re-prioritizing and cutting things off the list, then feeling even more guilt about not getting all of the things done, and I wonder if that strikes a chord with you?

I learned a trick recently to push you in the direction of getting s*** done, and how to follow through on a project, goal or task:

  1. decide what the task is
  2. schedule it into your life – as well as contingencies to account for when life happens
  3. learn to say a graceful “no” to anything that conflicts with you achieving the full follow through
  4. deliver your goal

My goal?  Yowza, it’s a big one: I’ve enrolled in an epic online course to up my business game and professional path.  This course is something I’ve wanted to do for a number of years, and I am taking action to make it happen, and intend to do so within its proper 8-week timeframe.

The rub?  In order to honour that commitment to myself – in addition to the commitments I already have to my family and work, I will need to press pause on weekly long-form content.  If we haven’t connected on Instagram yet, let’s!  I publish daily short-form content in that space that I have a hunch you’ll enjoy.  My intention is to get down and dirty with my education, and pop back here in mid-May with all kinds of new insights as to how to write your own story – the best it’s ever been written – and for now, that means I need to write my own next chapter.

Thanks for being here, lovely.

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