I joke when I say “easy,” because getting what you want is entirely possible – but sometimes is not as easy as people selling you stuff would have you believe.

Manifest now! Attract your partner with lightning speed! Grow your Instagram following to 10K using this one simple trick! I grew a six-figure income in three months and you can too!

Oy. Barf.

I super over being marketed to in a false way that capitalizes on my own hopes and insecurities, for someone else’s gain and metrics. Over it. And I bet you are, too.

The truth is, you CAN create the life you love. You CAN attract an amazing partner. You CAN grow a highly lucrative business that fules your purpose. And for some people, sure, this happens quickly; we call them “outliers.” For most people, this is a process.

This is a process that takes practice, dedication, and relentless trust in yourself and in that which you cannot see. The irony is that when you HAVE that practice and you HAVE that trust, it really does become an “easy” process, because you already know it to be true, and that it works.

From my own personal and professional experience, here are the “10 steps” you can use to get what you want; ready? 

1. Get crystal f***ing clear on what you want.

2. Face and feel your fears to move through them, to overcome whatever has been quietly holding you back.

3. Ensure what you want aligns with your internal values.

4. Release the need to control the how and the when.

5. Visualize what you want and hold that TIGHT, letting the details fall into place.

6. Practice gratitude for what you already have, and for the feeling of already having what you want.

7. Act as if what you want is already yours, and make decisions from the place of someone who already has it – dwell in the moment and feel full with what you already know is yours, a forgone conclusion.

8. Focus on the FEELING you want, and WHY you want it.

9. Deliberately look for examples around of you other people having what you want, and celebrate alongside with and for them; SEEING a real-life example of what you want teaches your subconscious that what you want exists, and will start to shift your perspective to find more and more of those “expander” examples.

10. Believe vehemently that “what you seek is seeking you;” if you have had the idea to want it, the thing you want is wanting you back, and actively looking for a way to get to it. The first nine steps are the path you sweep for the thing you want to come to you.

Ultimately, you have to hold the vision, and let the details fall into place. Yes, this gets easier over time – I know that to be 100% true.

Working with someone who lives and understands this process helps you learn it, and to get comfortable with being uncomfortable; I teach women the skills to move through feelings of overwhelm and intimidation as part of my unique brand of coaching. It’s a gift of an experience to watch clients (and frankly, myself) come through this process, and learn to relinquish control they’ve been using as a subconscious security blanket, and take that exhale to get into alignment and go with the damn flow.

Cheers to a great day, and to taking inspired action in getting exactly when you want, at exactly the right time.

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