How to have a happy holiday?  Easy!

  1. Eat
  2. Drink
  3. Be merry

Sounds simple enough, right?  

In addition, feel whatever feels come up for you, in whatever way they come up, and acknowledge them for what they are.  Christmas can be a source of longing for people in your life who aren’t there anymore, and for those you wish were, but haven’t met yet.  Allow yourself to feel that longing, and then carrying on, remembering that everything you need is inside you already, and when you let yourself look for and feel it, love is always around you too.

Go forth and celebrate.  This life is for the living, and the real gift is that we get to choose how we live it.  Take the next few days and tuck into the layers of joy you’ve experienced already, and the ones you’re building for years to come.

Here’s wishing you a holiday that is magic and bright, full of the people you want to be with the most.  Really and truly, I hope all of your holiday wishes come true this year, and in the absence of that, I hope you keep your sense of wonder and hope alive to keep those dreams going into next year.

I’m actively knowing – and listening to – my own limits this week, and taking the time to wrap up all 2017 projects, deadlines, and PRESENTS I have bought that are currently hidden under a pile of clean laundry in my bedroom.

I’ll be back next week to chat about setting intentions for a ridiculously wonderful, and awesomely powerful new year.

Till then, hope your holiday is rad AF.  You’ve got your love to keep you warm.

Merry Christmas, baby.


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