How to Heal in 2020

New Year’s Resolutions don’t work. Period. 

They end up causing a lot of anxiety and feelings of failure, because they largely do not address core wounds, core beliefs, and therefore how to change behaviors and patterns that have kept us emotionally safe, for a lifetime.

So if you are looking ahead to 2020, and really feeling “you know what? I am ready. I am ready to feel the way I want to feel, and make the changes I’ve been called to – and have them last. For real this time.” I am sharing my round-up of healing modalities I have personally used, and have felt the radical impact they have had on my life.

(Remember, when you heal yourself, you also tend to heal relationships around you: genuine healing enables us to show up fully as ourselves, and in doing so, show up fully in our relationship in business, life, and love. Including parenting.)

TAROT AND INTUITIVE READINGS: the impact tarot and intuitive readings have had on my life has been paradigm-shifting. It was my gateway drug into my current level of deep faith and believe in something bigger and more divine than ourselves, something we can feel, and allow ourselves to see whispers of by letting the hell go and surrendering to the flow of our lives. And I can tell you, this has brought a profound sense of peace and freedom.

Here are my go-to’s:
Charlotte Elea (Charlotte – a newly published author – does a yearly reading for me, and it is an INCREDIBLE, soul-expanding feeling), Tarot Lori
Human Design: Katie Irvine (**Katie is offering my friends and fam 33% off readings – click to book. This will blow your mind.)
Astrology/Intuitive Readings: Todd Savvas, Alyssa Ostrander Astrology

EMDR THERAPY: not all therapists are created equal. Repeat: not all therapists are created equal, and to be painfully honest, some of the WORST advice I have EVER received has been from therapists. They were not the right ones for me “lol.” And to be even more honest, in my experience, talk therapy is usually not healing enough, nor is it supportive enough.

Our brains are divinely complex, and function in many planes; “talking it out” does not address most of our trauma in a safe, actionable, and forward-moving way. So if you’re having that “ARE WE THERE YET?!” feeling (of having “done the work” and not yet seeing the results you anticipated), look for an EMDR therapist near you who can safely take you to the deep and healing space, in a way that is respectful of the protecting purpose any of your fears and blocks have served you till this point.

COACHING: SEE ABOVE NOTE RE: NOT ALL COACHES BEING EQUAL. Sorry not sorry, there are many, many people who are in the wrong industry for the wrong reasons, and coaching is no exception. We are seeing an EPIC rise in both supply and demand for all kinds of niche coaching, and the easiest way to avoid the rabbit hole is to think of coaching as mentorship.

The right coach for you is based on a feeling: you FEEL a connection with what that person is offering, NOT the promises they are selling. Giant chasm of a difference. Generally, the right coach for you is someone who has been on a similar path, and is just a few steps ahead, and who can turn around to meet you, and compassionately offer a hand to pull you forward.

And trust me, a great coach is one billion percent worth the investment. Done well, it feels like actionable therapy that sees you, stands with you where you are, makes sense of where you’ve been, and propels you forward with clarity, confidence, and courage.

Here are my go-to’s:
Me (insert queen emoji here): If you are here, follow me on IG, or listen to my podcast (which is 5-star and top 100 in self-improvement, BTW. Heck yes!!), you already know if you click with me. And if you click with me, you already know I’m a great coach for you. Easy!
I have a couple spots left in my group program “Yes You F***ing Can!” and have a few spots open for private coaching in the new year. Email me to get started, or click here.

Katherine Gramann: Ahhh this is one of my closest friends, and she is the REAL DEAL. If you are looking for your own personal hype squad who can help you get to know yourself, see the big picture and work with what’s working for you/working against you, KG is for you.

YES Supply: Maybe the next step of your healing is to BE the one who’s turning around and extending that hand. YES Supply is where I did my Neuro-Linguistic Programming training (and AM going to do my Master’s Level too) – which is THE user manual to our minds that helps each of us make sense of our subconscious patterning (cough, blocks). You can do your training online or in person, and it will change you, allowing you to start those ripples you know you need to. (Bonus: I have the pleasure of being an alumni affiliate, so when you use these links, I get a little kickback as a thank you.)

Investing in you is always a good idea, especially when it’s in modalities that serve you, and move you forward to your own next level, while keeping you feeling grounded and safe as you go.

#2020 vision, baby. Lead me to love.

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