My friend asked me this question at the beginning of the week, and it shaped my perspective all week.  We expect things will be hard.  We anticipate drama and struggle.  We value the “working for it” and feel oddly settled by the stress and anxiety of it (right?  I bet you’ve had that moment of “this feels weird – how come nothing is wrong?”)

So what if we changed our perspective and just let it be easy?

What if – even just for today – we anticipate that things WILL work out, that we WILL get exactly what we want, if not better?  What if we take the time to notice every single incident of serendipity that made something work out in our favour, and brought us that little moment of joy?

Life – like Friday – is supposed to be fun and easy. 
But somewhere along the line we lost sight of that, and got caught up in the badge of honour from being busy and stressed and putting out one more fire.  The awesome thing?  You can change that, and you can change that right now.

This weekend (and maybe a little bit after that), let it be easy.

Enjoy, Darling.

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