I have been the recipient of EPIC kindness this week.  No joke, every day someone has done something exponentially more kind for me as the week went on, that serves no “direct benefit” to them; they’ve just done nice things because they felt the desire/need to do so.  I am talking  BEYOND nice things – the kind of things I’m not sure how I will EVER reciprocate. So I’ve decided simply to receive them, say “thank you,” and appreciate all of the goodness being sent my way.

The act and art of receiving is essential to the essence of the divine feminine, and is one many women struggle with; instead of allowing ourselves to receive, we push back with “now what can I do for you?”  

When a friend went above and wayyyy beyond for me this week, and I was struggling to convey the depth and humility of my gratitude, she said without hesitation, “it’s the right thing to do.  It’s how I’d want to be treated, and it’s how you should be treated.  I learned it in kindergarten, to treat others the way I wish to be treated. So I do.”  Isn’t that so true, so profound, and oh so simple and lovely?

Your actions matter.  Even when you think they don’t, they really, really do.  The constant beauty found there is that you always have full control over your actions, and over your intentions, which means every minute of every day you get to decide how you act, why, and with what purpose.

One of my biz cards features the artwork of my friends at Swell Made Co, which has increasingly become a guiding force in my life, and my family’s life: be kind. Do good.  Do the right thing BECAUSE it’s the right thing to do.

So do the right thing today, and go out of your way to do something awesome for someone.  Do something for another that you’d love to have done “unto” you.  Just because you can. 

Spark joy in their life, which is good for them, and good for you, and good for healing the world in the meantime.  And when you are on the receiving end of this goodness and kindness, receive it with joy, appreciating the pleasure of being given to.

(And to kick it off, let me give you my special code at Knix!  I am a huge fan of their tank, their thigh saver shorts, and their entire blush collection for breast cancer this month. Use leissewilcox10 at check out.)

Feel Good Friday y’all; how will you share the love today (…and every day)?

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