Your intuition is trying to tell you something – but can you hear it?

This is a shout out to all of the overthinkers reading this: yes you, the one living in your head, mulling it over, talking it out, stealing the chance – any chance to get someone else’s opinion on every niggling little detail of whatever it is you are experiencing.

Can I share with you a secret?  A mind-blowing, life-altering, groundbreaking secret?

You already know the answer.

You already know the answer; you already know what to do.  Your gut, your intuition, your team / inner child / higher self has been trying and trying to get your attention, politely at first, then getting a little tantrum-y, and eventually sending you physical pain or anxiety and getting all raged up, because, dear one, you keep choosing not to listen.  Those “random” conversations you’ve had.  The Instagram post or personality that “just popped up” in your feed.  That “sudden” bright idea or aha! moment you had yesterday – my love, these are all the clues.  These are all the markers on the path that answers your painfully silent, and overwhelmingly loud question of “what the hell am I supposed to do?!”

You already know the answer.  So shut up and listen to it.

We have this children’s book called “Gotta Go,” about a little caterpillar who wakes up one morning and realizes she has to go to Mexico; she starts out not knowing where – or even what – Mexico is, but she knows in her core that Mexico is where she has to be.  Everyone she meets along the way tells her she’s crazy, she’ll never make it, that she should give up, turn around, and go back home.  And this tiny, stripey little caterpillar says, “knowing what you know is sometimes very hard,but if Mexico is where I’m going, and it is, then Mexico is where I have to be.”

She, of course, does make it to Mexico, against all odds, goes to sleep for a very long and painful time, and wakes up resplendent as a monarch butterfly – surrounded by a seemingly infinite number of other monarch butterflies who knew what they knew, and had to get to Mexico too.

Sometimes the journey feels long and hard.  

Sometimes you are called to do things you don’t want to do, because they are not only hard, but scary and unknown.  And still, those are sometimes the things you know you have to do – and know that the “why” might only come after the “what” is taken care of.

So my little butterfly, shut up and listen.

Allow me to lovingly, tenderly, hold your face in my hands and look you deep in the eye, smile, and tell you again to shut the hell up, and listen to what your body is already telling you.  Listen to what your environment is telling you.  Listen to what all the “missed” opportunities, and things that didn’t work out, and icky feelings of warning signs, and eyebrow-raising moments of “well that didn’t feel quite right” are showing you.  Listen to that quirky little neck pain that shows up in times of stress and drama, the pain in your foot that seems to be keeping you restless and wanting to get moving, the pain in your hip that seems to be slowing you down from being on the go so much, the sore throat that makes you feel like your choking back the truth that is so desperate to come up and be heard.


Be quiet in your own stillness, and listen to what you already know to be true.

Then go do it.

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