Yes please, more please, thank you.

I have these words on repeat in my head.

Happiness is a choice – our choice. And cultivating happiness is essentially cultivating joy. How do you cultivate joy?

You find it.
You create it.
You revel in it.
You say thank you for it.
You do it again.

Cultivating joy is a practice, and it’s a fun one. It comes from understanding that we can choose to make every day special – because every day is bloody special.

There are beautiful, magical, synchronicities happening around us all of the time, and sometimes we let ourselves get so wrapped up in other drama, crisis, drama, and other people’s crap that we not only can’t find it, we forget to look for it.

Not you, and no more.

Good stuff is happening all the time – and if it isn’t? Make it.

Here’s a simple challenge for you this weekend – all three days. Ask yourself, consciously, “what would bring me more joy right now?” Listen for that answer, and then do it!

It might be calling a friend, going for a walk, grabbing a donut, having a nap, listening to your favourite song from when you were a kid, picking up some fresh flowers, making a donation, petting your dog, petting a stranger’s dog, curling up on your couch with a great book or movie, going for a drive with the windows down and seat warmers way up, sitting down with coffee, dancing it out in your kitchen…

I don’t know what brings you joy – but you do.

So do it. And then do it again.

Pay attention to how you feel – three days later – after consciously adding an extra helping of joy to your diet.

Laughing more, being comfortable with ourselves and our choices, understanding the power we have in making those choices – this is the stuff that raises our vibration, and keeps us feeling naturally high. And it’s SO EASY. It’s such a simple shift. You just have to teach yourself to notice it, and when you are in the habit of creating joy, you notice way more of it.

Ask. Answer. Do. Repeat. 

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