Ever notice that the right teacher you need appears when you need her the most? A few years ago I woke up from a lifetime slumber, and realized I needed to make a lot of really difficult changes in order to feel whole, and true to myself. I began that often painful and heartbreaking process, operating from the place that I knew it was all the right thing to do, even if it sucked hard while it was happening.

I knew I couldn’t go through the process of unlearning old thoughts and habits entirely on my 100% on my own, and desperately craved guidance from someone who could help me sort through the piles of emotional baggage and trauma that had accumulated over 30 years, and look forward to carving out a new path, new thoughts, new behaviours over the next 30 and beyond.

I invested in a number of healing modalities that included therapy, education, online courses, workshops, webinars, and one on one coaching; I also had my interest piqued in Tarot, something I’d never explored but had always been on my radar.

I met Charlotte Elea at exactly the right time in my life, and connected with her and her content right away. It’s now part of my end of year tradition to book a Sacred Map reading with her, that I use as a touchstone for the year ahead, to guide me, keep me aligned and on track with the full package of what makes me me, and what I intend to make happen in 2019. Charlotte describes the reading in the best way, as:

Two paradoxical truths about your future:

1)You have free will and the future is open.

2)You are on a spiritual path and have a divine purpose and destiny.

This is one of THE best gifts I give myself for Christmas, and I KNOW you’ll feel the same way.

Reach out to her now to book yours, tell her I sent you (😘), take advantage of her early bird pricing until December 15, and receive her December Intuitive Guide as a bonus to round out 2018 in a healthy, integrated way.

This practice, and Charlotte in particular, has had a beautifully grounding + high impact effect on my life, and I’m SO happy to be able to introduce her gifts and talents to you, and share that experience of refining and trusting your inner wisdom.


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