I am at a cottage for a week, and yesterday I went kayaking with some uncles, some cousins, and the family dog, Lanie.  One of my uncles, who lead the pack, is a super outdoorsy guy, and I trust him and his judgment implicitly; I deeply believe he would never do anything that would put us in jeopardy, and I know he cares about me and would only act in a way that serves us well. 

So when we headed out on the water and it started to rain, and my uncle said “don’t worry, this will stop in 10 minutes,” I don’t worry, because I knew it would stop in 10 minutes.

Then, as is what tends to happen, the rain got worse; it got heavier, came down harder, and it really did not feel like it would stop anytime soon, let alone in just moments from now.

But because I love and trust him, I just kept paddling forward. 

And then almost at the exact 10-minute mark, the rain just cleared, no joke.  The skies that had only a minute before looked dark, cloudy, and downright story opened up to nothing but blue and sunny skies.  Just like that; I didn’t even see it coming, there was no warning, it just cleared.

We paddled along the river, found a sandy island, brought out our wireless Bluetooth speaker and Dutch beers, and had quite simply, an incredible afternoon.  When we were ready to leave we packed up to go back to the cottage, but kept the music going as we floated five in a side by side row down current.  My uncle (and Lanie) even hitched my kayak to their canoe so that I could keep DJing from my phone while we all stayed tight together for the paddle home.

That afternoon is a definite summer highlight, that I would never have believed possible when I thought of going for a kayak in the rain.

My point?

Your storm will pass, lovely; the clouds will lift and give you those blue sky days you’ve been waiting for and dreaming of, and I bet it will be even better than you imagined. 

Keep paddling.

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