We are all healing, some of us with scars on the surface, some of with scars buried way down deep.

Your pain is your pain, and it’s relative to you and your experience.

And just like your pain is your pain, your healing is your healing, and it unfolds along its own course, following its own trajectory, in its own measure of time.

What does healing look like for you?

For me it’s forgiveness. Compassion. Water under the bridge. Walks by the beach, daily. Yoga. Crying. Breathing. Laughing, out loud, often at my own jokes. Singing – a lot. Cuddles. More patience for things being different than I planned. Family. Friendships, the quiet and understated kind. A knowing look from someone who gets it. Surrender. Tacos. The ritual of coffee. Working from home. Understanding my value. Standing in my truth. Loving big. Clinging to every word. Fucking up and moving on. Writing, so much writing. Dog envy. Assuming it works out better than I could imagine. Caring less and loving more. Going braless. Inner peace. Solitude. Making time to go outside. Watching the waves. Feeling sunshine. Turmeric tea. Dancing in the kitchen. Feet up on the couch. The Office seasons 1-5, on repeat. Baking. Receiving. Reading. Sparkling water in champagne flutes. Dad jokes. More laughing. Less pressure. Feeling anger. Releasing it. Keeping perspective. Tuning in. Listening. Letting it go. Watching things unfold. Vulnerability. Trust. Honesty. Helping others. Accepting help. Going to bed early. Windows down, music up, seat warmers on. Scarves. Grace. New looks. More lipstick. Vitamins, but not too many. Buttered pasta and Parmesan with my babies. Cozy blankets and Ultimate Beast Master after that. Dim lights. Saltwater baths. Lunar rituals. Alchemy. Spirit animals. Faith. Connection. Looking up. Hats. 3 step skin care. Sweatpants and sneakers. NLP. Phone calls. Waiting. Dreaming. Relaxing. Green juice. Chocolate covered pretzels. Popcorn. Movie night. Vision boards. Praying. Tarot cards. Rumi. Naive optimism. Empathy. Big smiles. Meaning it. Consciousness. Feeling woke. Staying grounded. Washing dishes by hand. Brunch. Vinyl. Slowing down. Stretching. Going to bed with a grateful heart; waking up like that too. Understanding, and not needing to. Complete love and respect for who I am. Feeling 100% secure and safe.

We are all healing; it looks and feels so good.

Maybe, just for today, be extra kind (to yourself and to others), and extra grateful for the lessons you’ve learned through your own life story, and for the healing you’ve done so far. Hold eye contact a little longer. Smile at people passing by. Be present in every interaction and let your energy convey that you are here, and you are listening.

Be the little flicker of light that brushes off the dust from someone’s past wounds, and coaxes out the knowing that “it is safe for you to heal now.”

Hold space for someone you love, and for someone you don’t know you love yet.

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