There’s something so naturally calming about going outside to look up at the night sky, isn’t there?  Something so humbling about watching the sun go down, leaving a rainbow horizon in its wake, or getting up a little early to watch it rise again, illuminating what was once pitch black into fire-y beauty.

Taking the time to look up always leaves me with the sense that this is bigger than us – all of it – and that there is so much beauty and mystery in our lives every day; all we have to do is notice.

I was chatting with friends recently about how I believe, deeply, that we are in the middle of a spiritual awakening: pop culture is turning its attention back to faith, and belief, and trusting the timing for things to work out.  People are gathering together in moon celebration circles, and if they’re not gathering, they are at least starting to talk about it – openly – and with friends in person, and across social media platforms.

This is so exciting; I have felt for some time that we are hungry for connection.  Hungry for a sense of belonging.  Hungry to feel like we are all a part of something bigger, and that we’re not as alone, or as isolated as we can sometimes feel; would you agree?

Scratch the surface in any deep or meaningful conversation, and I would throw down a fistful of cash to wager that within 7 minutes, someone has reached the “Oh thank goodness!” moment; “I thought I was the only one who felt that way!!”

People en masse used to find this connection and sense of togetherness, of belonging, at church – and many, many, many still do.  But for many others, having religion and a church and a leader tied to spirituality and faith got a little icky, and so those same people chose to walk away from the organized element of belief.

Because belief is intensely personal; we each have a unique and highly independent relationship with the divine. Some of us have a strong sense of confidence and trust in this relationship, and others are still cultivating it, or are dipping their toes in the water, having a few dabbles in “try before you buy.”

Wherever you are along that path, and wherever you stand in your own unique perspective of how and why we are here, what the heck our purpose is, and what it all means, I would strongly and lovingly encourage you to go outside. 

Go outside, and look up: when things are working beautifully, look up and say “thank you.”  When things are just things, look up and soak it all in, and let your mind wonder what if.

And when things are so backward and upside down that you’re not sure you’ll ever feel right, look up and ask for a miracle.

Ask for a miracle, and let yourself surrender to the process and possibility of its arrival.  Let yourself be open to receive the magic bits that come to you when you ask for what you want.

Let yourself feel your feelings, and your triggers, and let yourself be guided and supported through it all, as you let go of the need to know the specifics of why, and who, and how, and when.

Let yourself feel connected, and revel in the simple wonder of playing your bespoke and beautiful role in the greatest love story ever written; when in doubt, look up.

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