Here’s a story for you: this week, while at a medical appointment, our family home was robbed. And it sucked. Hard.

Yes it was during the day, yes all doors were locked, and yes he found a way in with some kind of crowbar.

Blessedly we are all safe and well, did not confront him in the act (we missed each other by literal seconds), and he did not cause any damage while in our home. He stole my laptop, and worse, he stole the money from my children’s piggy banks.

Think about that for a minute.

This felt like such a violation, straight up. The knowledge that a faceless someone was in our house, touching our things, looking at our intimate family moments made me feel ill.

And then I realized something: this was a desperate act by a desperate man. Breaking into a family home and stealing cash from what is so very clearly a child’s room – one has a literal pig-shaped bank –  is operating from a state of survival. And suddenly I found that amidst the feelings of violation, I found compassion, and lots of it.

That must feel terrifying, to be in a place where it feels like you “have no choice” but to break into someone’s home and take what is not yours. What shame must come up, and perhaps comes up to validate an old pattern of never feeling worthy or good enough of having “your own,” but feeling the need/justification to take from another. What self-loathing must resurface to find it morally acceptable to steal from three children.

Thanksgiving is this weekend (in Canada), and what better time to reflect on how f*&^ing lucky we are: to have a loving, supportive family, to have loving supportive friends, to have the means to replace what was taken, to have the fortune of not losing what actually matters, to have a beautiful space to come home to, and welcome love into the door every single day. To live in a country that celebrates peace and values care of its citizens.

The list for me is endless, and I bet if you stop and think, your list is endless too.  Get a pen and start writing out what you’re grateful for. Go to bed nightly reflecting on what you’re grateful for. Wake up every GD morning and let your first thoughts be “what I am grateful for.” We have so much – more than we notice in daily life.

I hope that the man who did this got what he needed in a desperate situation. I hope that he read the many inspired words of loving kindness on the walls of our home, things like “Work hard and be nice to people,” “You have what you need,” “I love you to the moon and back.”

I hope that he takes the rose gold USB key that was in my computer, and watches the $1000 worth of “Self Love” video content I produced on it, and I hope he garners some information about how to start today and turn his life around. I hope that in some way, violating my home was a miraculous stepping stone in his own self-discovery. Can you imagine? Can you imagine that this was his aha moment? Anything is possible, and instead of choosing to live in contempt or fear (though yes, there is definitely some residual fear left behind), I choose to believe that we may have unwittingly contributed to another ripple in this pond. Miracles happen every day, and this would be an epic one to be a part of.

This weekend, whether you’re celebrating with friends and family around the table, or somewhere on your own, I truly hope you are finding love, and that love is finding you. I truly hope you can exhale what’s been weighing you down, and inhaling the simple beauty, joy, and pleasure that surrounds you every day, feeling grateful.

Much love.

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