The most important relationship you will ever have is the one you have with yourself. It’s time to next level that relationship through my six-week intensive course: the Summer of Self Love.

It’s unsettling, the feeling of waking up and realizing that you’re out of things to reach for; having the terrifying thought that “if this isn’t enough for me, then what the hell is wrong with me?”  The cold sweat fear that starts to plant seeds of “you might never be happy; you might always feel broken.”  The pang of guilt and self-doubt when you try explaining to friends and family how this is the job that solves the problem, this is the relationship that has it all, this is the hobby that really takes off into something big, this is the friendship that makes you feel whole, and after this move or vacation you’ll really feel like yourself again…

I have to tell you: you are not broken. Happiness is yours for the taking. You already have everything you need. You are never alone, and in fact have more support than you dreamed of – and every single piece of it is already in you. You are perfect exactly as you are, because you are always, always learning, growing, and expanding. Those little things you call flaws and imperfections – that’s exactly what makes you incredibly special and important, and is the lens through which you not only see the world, but how you contribute your own unique brand of awesome to the ones around you.

I promise, it’s been you all along, and I want to show you how to reconnect with or meet YOU again for the first time, guide you to come back to yourself, and finally call yourself home.

Through a weekly video followed by self-study course content you complete as homework, with TWO live Q + A calls with me, this study in self-love is the missing link in finding what you’ve been searching for all along: the deep, tender, unconditional love for every single part of yourself.

I pinky swear that YOU are the love you’ve been looking for; you are here for a reason, and you are ready to take the next step to love by example and write your own story. Are you with me? 

Yeah you are.

Click here to join. 

You are making the absolute right decision to show up for yourself, and finally find the missing piece you’ve been looking for all along. 


I’ve designed this course to be intensively effective – it’s the course I was searching for for years in my own life experience.  The program is 6 weeks plus two weeks of free bonus work, AND two live “ask me anything” style Q + A sessions. Comparatively, 8 weeks of private coaching, one on one with me is priced at $2000; this course gives you lifetime access to all the videos and course content, for you to review at your leisure, or brush up in the most tender areas when you need to.  PLUS, if you opt in for the VIP package and pay in one lump sum, I’ll also sending you something in the mail as a surprise that I KNOW you will love. 

You’ve SO got this.  This was made for you. Dig into it.


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