“You alone are enough.” The first time someone said those words to me I was 28. I’d never heard them, and had no idea how to receive them. So I was inclined not to believe them. 

For a lot of years, I’d been told a lot of myths – myths I’d come to believe. Myths like “you just aren’t good enough. You don’t have any original ideas of your own. You’re not very bright. Nobody wants to read what you write – so don’t.” And my all time favorite “I thought you were worth it at the time, but now I’m not so sure.”

I believed it. All. At my core. And I let those distorted stories I’d been told define me, and permeate my self-talk – which affected how I viewed myself, and in turn every relationship I had, and every decision I made.

It took me a lot of years to undo that level of damage, get to know myself in a much more truthful way, and effectively “re-wire” my beliefs of who I was, who I am, and cultivate a whole lot of love and respect for that person. And when I did, EVERYTHING changed. 

My anxiety went away. The quality of relationships got better. My work became more purposeful. My home and family life became fun, joyful, and relaxed. All because I finally felt comfortable being myself. 

The process it took to get from how I felt to how I feel is very dear to my heart, and is 100% possible for anyone stuck in that scary place of feeling like they’ll NEVER be enough.

Baby. Don’t let somebody else’s insecurities define who you are. Don’t let somebody else’s expectations of you define who you are. Dig deep and listen to what is true of and for you.

You alone are enough. You are lovely. That loveliness is yours alone to embrace. The only approval you need is your own, and you’re the only one who can convince yourself of that to be true.

Everything you need to feel happy, loved, special, important, and OH MY GOSH worthy – it’s all inside you right now, because you alone are enough, and I would love to work with you one on one and show you that – then show you how that level of clarity, confidence, and courage changes how you show up in your family, business, life, + love.

Do this for YOU. 

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