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There’s a reason why I lovingly call Leisse, "Glinda". It’s because she’s a witch – like the good witch from The Wizard of Oz. I was stuck in a creative rut – and the reason why I was stuck there has very deep roots stemming from childhood. Leisse was the guiding light that showed me how to effectively pull out those roots and fully examine what exactly was holding me back in my life and career. After working with her I unequivocally feel like a different person. She completely rewired my brain and set me up with the tools I need to move forward in my career to succeed. For the first time in my life, everything is falling into place – effortlessly. I can't remember that ever happening to me. Leisse showed me that not only can I navigate this seemingly "scary" road, I'm also the one laying the yellow brick. But the real reason she’s “Glinda"? For the first time in my life, I actually believe in myself. And that’s magic to me.
Alanna, Video Producer
had a life changing experience which was a direct result of working with Leisse. Prior to my engagement with Leisse, I knew how I wanted to feel but I was unable to step out of my current mindset and move forward to obtain that desired feeling. After working with this incredible coach, I feel much more clear in my values and boundaries. Leisse has taught me that by adjusting my perspective on people and situations in my life, it shifts my feelings and creates my desired outcomes. I feel very blessed that I was given the opportunity to work with such an amazing woman.
Brandy, Home Maker