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Not just another f*cking coach.

Master Mindset + Success Coach

Life feels… meh. I know, that sounds so uninspired, but when you feel stuck in "sleepwalking through life" mode, "meh" actually sums it up.

It feels like: 

You’ve been running in place for…
how long?

You’ve been carrying the weight of supporting everyone around you…and the reality is that you also need someone to support you. But how?

You know there’s more out there for you…but nothing really gets you excited anymore.

You have, and have DONE, so much…and you don’t want to feel ungrateful, but still – it feels like something is missing.

You’re starting to have that impending identity crisis… who am I? Not who am I in relation to my work, my kids, my partner…but who am I as a woman?

Your intuition is telling you that something needs to change…but what? And how? And how do you know it’s even safe to trust your intuition? 

You’ve avoided it at all costs…but the signs are getting louder and clearer every day. It’s time. 

You’re ready to finally be unapologetically happy.
Fulfilled. Successful. YOU.
Get to the heart of what isn’t working in life… to start aligning your life with what will. (Yup. 100% possible.)

It all starts here with Rising Phoenix: my six-month private transformational mindset + success mentorship program

Be seen. Be heard. Be held. Identify, confront, and release the hell out of what holds you back.
How’s that sound?

  • 14 private coaching calls
  • “On retainer” for extra support in between scheduled calls
  • Neuro Linguistic (re)Programming 
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques
  • 1:1 Authentic and action-oriented support
  • Real-life experience and lifestyle-friendly actionable tools + techniques for redefining and achieving success 
  • Informed by a lot of education and even more experience
See ya never, emotional baggage!
Why me?

Why am
I the one
to coach you?
When I am the right coach for you, you just know.

You know the saying ‘been there, done that, got the t-shirt?’ 

I have a whole closet dedicated to overcoming the mindset blocks and barriers that kept me from showing up authentically in the past. It felt like I had to put on mask after mask after mask…just to keep everyone else around me happy, and somehow “live up to” expectations that were unrequited – insofar as that they were a never ending moving target of just. Not. Good. Enough.

Through navigating and overcoming divorce, narcissistic abuse, emotional trauma, body-altering cancer, entrepreneurship…all while raising three kids on my own navigating the solo parent life… I became my own best client in constantly seeking out healing modalities that weren’t just cathartic, but actually offered long-lasting change to simply help me feel better.

I learned to trust my own intuitive wisdom, and backed it up with a ton of education (think: Master-level coaching certification, adult education, and a 12 month program in sex, love, and relationships), and learned how to connect with myself on the deepest level possible… and teach other high achieving and purpose driven women to do this for themselves.

I trained in NLP and EFT to make unshakeable changes at the core of my thoughts, behaviors, and life… and now I use the same practices and techniques with clients who never want to slip back into their old, toxic ways.

Working with me is a bell you can’t unring. Frustrated by some of the coaches and mentors I’d hired in the past, as well as a lot of shadiness in the coaching and female empowerment industry, I identified and filled the gap that finds so many high achieving, highly capable, purpose driven and bad ass women completely stuck, lonely, and without anyone to talk to who genuinely gets them at a core level.

My clients tend to be women who have already hired a coach in some capacity, and either LOVED it, or felt disenchanted, knowing there’s got to be a better option. I typically work with leaders, mentors, high achievers, public facing women, and other top coaches who – after all their success – find it to be surprisingly lonely. They got to the top, and got so good at culling the ones who didn’t align with or support their vision or values…that now when they turn around, it’s like there’s no one there they feel safe enough to trust and get vulnerable with. That’s when they call me.

I'm like the Wizard of Oz: I help you cultivate and create exactly what it is you need...even if you don't know what that is. (And I do that in a much less creepy way).
There’s NOTHING Overnight About This Process.

Can You Love Yourself Enough to Invest In the Life You’re Meant to Live?

Rising Phoenix, my private mentorship experience, is a 6-month transformational self-mastery exploration that looks like this...
month one
Weekly hour-long calls to lay the foundation for who. You. Want. To. Be.
We’re talking crystal clear vision of who you are, what got you here, and most importantly, where you want to be in life. Together, through powerful conversations, NLP, EFT and yes, some difficult realities, we’ll…

… Identify + RELEASE your limiting beliefs 

… Establish + align with your core, soul-based values

… Determine what motivates you towards what you want, and away from what you don’t want

… Let go of all your toxic fears + self-doubt (for real this time)

… Overcome the old patterns + anxiety that have held you back from feeling and living, authentically

months two to six
Bi-weekly hour-long calls to create and set into motion the customized plan that will allow you to embody the next level vision of yourself you just can't stop dreaming about.
We’re talking crystal clear vision of who you are, what got you here, and most importantly, where you want to be in life. Together, through powerful conversations, NLP, EFT, wisdom sharing, and yes, some profoundly honest moments we'll:

… create a safe and sacred space that allows you to feel SEEN, HEARD, and SUPPORTED in a way you’ve never experienced before

… design a roadmap for healing

… adopt lifestyle-friendly and actionable tools to use in your daily life

… include intimate, real-deal accountability in my unique “compassionate callout” style

… understand + shift your money mindset + self-worth talk as necessary

… establish loving, healthy boundaries in every single relationship from now on

… open up clear and confident communication strategies – even for the difficult conversations

…tap into your feminine and receptive energy, while celebrating and fine tune the masculine “do-achieve-repeat” energy you already possess 

… design a lifetime-lasting framework for doing what feels right for you

… connect with the archetype that resonates best as your desired and highest self

… embody the next level vision of you – the one you can’t stop dreaming about

… connect in the most genuine and supportive way – with just a few laughs while we’re at it

Pinky swear.

This feels like actionable therapy.
Turn inspiration into bit-size action to create massive shifts and lasting change that aligns with your values, vision, and joy.
Your body tingles… it knows there’s more. Your gut + heart are waiting. Are you ready to listen?
Want to hear from other women who’ve experienced high-impact, life-changing ‘ah-ha’ moments, too?
Working with Leisse made everything I was feeling become so clear. She helped me to weed through the doubt and fear and get to the true heart of what I wanted. I let go of past mistakes and hurts fast than I ever thought possible. I became centred and motivated in ways I didn't realize were possible. I would highly recommend Leisse as a coach and have on numerous occasions since we started working together.
Megan, Marketing Director
Working with Leisse was absolutely paradigm-shifting. She captivates with a combination of brilliant analogies and questions that allowed me to immediately start to understand and trace the origin of my issues. It felt like a year of therapy in 1hr.​
Suzanne, CEO
I came across Leisse on Instagram and was immediately drawn in and knew I needed to work with her. I was going through some major life transformations and felt a lot of anxiety for my future. As I worked with Leisse she helped me to feel the power that was within me. She gave me space to express all my fears and then helped me learn that I was going to overcome it all. There was purpose for me and I was capable. I’m so grateful the universe put me in her helping hands.​
Katy, Coach


You've got Q's, I've got A's.

100% YES…if you are ready to let me help you. I’m a huge believer that connection is the foundation of a great client-coaching dynamic, so if your’e here and feeling that pull? That’s your sign that I am the coach for you.

Such a good question, because – while. am not a therapist – coaching with me feels incredibly therapeutic, like “actionable therapy.” While a therapist tends to guide you through the hour you’re in the chair, coaching with me feels like you have someone on your side for the entire six months we work together. You can even reach out to me between sessions when you have an AHA! insight or need some further clarity on something that comes up before we chat next.

Not only do we look for behaviour patterns and heavy emotions (that are holding you back and weighing you down), but we trace their commonalities back to the root…often at a subconscious level…and then we create an action plan to shift things in your mindset and life. It’s these shifts, and learning new ways of thinking and behaving that create actual lasting change.

As Carl Yung said, “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” Let’s interrupt that pattern right now.

You sure can – and I bet you already have. How’s that working out for you? 

1. Books and podcasts are excellent resources to spark inspiration. What’s missing in the straight consumption of content though, is the dynamic relationship. Coaching and mentorship IS that dynamic relationship, which makes it an entirely different – and much longer lasting – experience. Think of it this way: if you feel so inspired and seen through listening to my podcast or reading my book…ah man; imagine what it would feel like to have me supporting you, specifically, over the course of six months together. It’s unparalleled and pretty special.

2. Consuming content is passive. It’s easy. It’s low investment…which means psychologically? You have no skin in the game, and so it’s easy to tune out, forget, not follow through. When you make the conscious decision to invest in yourself by hiring a premium and master level coach, you are IN IT. You are financially, emotionally, and psychologically invested, and that is essential in getting what you want. You get out what you put in.

Insert heartbreak emoji here. I know how much it stings, to have the people you care about not align with your vision. That’s actually one of the HUGE advantages of working with a great coach: you start to level up by having someone who sees, supports, and offers cogent insights of your vision.

The hard truth too, is that it’s not your husband, mother, or friends that need to give you permission to do what you know in your bones is right for you. Sure it’s easier sometimes if they do…but ultimately? You are accountable to yourself, and are absolutely worthy of taking care of yourself, and taking action to meet your own needs.

Almost all of my client work involves conversations with respect to boundaries and difficult conversations, too, meaning that as we work together, navigating the more challenging dynamics in your life tends to get easier, as we dig into more effective communication skills and styles.

…you just know. How’s that for an answer? 

Very honestly, because connection is the cornerstone of the client-coach relationship, when you feel that pull towards me specifically, chances are it’s for a reason. Almost every single past and current clients “I don’t even know WHY I need to work with you…I just know that I NEED to work with YOU.” This is excellent practice to start trusting what your intuition already knows.

I may be on online business owner, but man – am I ever old school. 

When I was a kid I had this recurring nightmare that the phone would ring, and the person calling would have video access to my life. Fast forward to right now, and damn it if it didn’t come true “LOL.”

For the nature of our work, video tends to be too disconnected. Either it freezes in the middle of a great conversation, or you don’t know where to look, or i don’t know where to look, or the dog is jumping around in the back, or the hang dang mic isn’t working again…

Each of these lovable quirks points to phone calls together : ) 

I accept etansfers and credit card payments via Stripe (within Canada) or PayPal (for US, AUS, and Europe).

Yes mam! We can do one, two, or three equal payments.

For two: it’s half now, and the other half halfway through. I swear, in this case three halves do make a whole.

For three: we break it into one payment every two months for six months.

And if you pay in full? I give you a signing bonus. Ask me for details.

Yes, if you’re using it as a reach to fill a void…without actually making any changes. If that sounds like a pattern for you, the happiness of pursuit over the pursuit of happiness, I am a great “interruptor.” My practice (and also my personality) is highly action oriented, so when you are ready to make the change – for real this time – I’m your girl.

You’re only 6 months away from the woman you know you were born to be. Don’t stop now—you’re so damn worth it.
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