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Not just another f*cking coach.

I help high-achieving and purpose-driven women figure their sh*t out.

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I Know,

Don't get me wrong, your life - for the most part - is a dream.

From the outside looking in, you have. It. All.

You climbed all the right ladders, checked off all the right boxes, and you feel like you just just feel grateful for all you have and all you have done.

And still…

There’s this gut feeling—buried deep, deep down—that’s telling you something’s off. 

It feels harder than it should to keep it together. 

You’ve let past experiences hold you back too long. There’s MORE to who you are.

That’s where I come in. 

I help high achieving women figure out their shit, and I’m not just another fucking coach.

Utilizing my Master level NLP training and mindset work, I help you to identify and eliminate the emotional blockers preventing you from finding true balance, success, and fulfillment. Not just professionally, but in your relationships with your partner, your children and yourself.

It’s not always pretty—and it definitely isn’t easy—but it’s always so damn worth it. Some call it ‘magic’… I call it ‘Emotional Alchemy’—and it works every time.

about me

Changing the global conversation on emotional health + self-love

Purpose and passion born from overcoming and the desire to make an IMPACT - simply by giving women permission to be themselves.

Divorce. Narcissistic abuse. Breast cancer. I’ve overcome each of these experiences (and more) and yet, the only regret I have in life? Giving away my ‘Employee of the Month’ watch from my high school job at McDonalds. (That thing was amazing!)

Everything else—the darkest and heaviest moments of my life?

I’ll keep…

…and here’s why: I learned to let each of those experiences inspire me, not define me. Now I help other high-achieving and purpose-driven women to identify and confront their own emotional baggage, drop it like it’s hot, and turn it into something beautiful, gold, and uniquely their own.

I call it “Emotional Alchemy.”

In other words, I can empower you to set yourself free from what’s been holding you back—for good.

The results?

Body-tingling bliss… don’t worry, you get used to it.


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"I found Leisse in a very hard season of my life where I knew that I wanted more, but was having difficulty deciphering what I needed to change. Working with her was transformational; her ability to understand where I came from and where I wanted to go in order to facilitate total alignment in all areas of my life was remarkable. She is not only brilliant, but so passionate and incredibly easy to work with. For anyone looking to take the next steps, whether that be personally or professionally - or both - I highly recommend connecting with her. You will not be disappointed!"
Jessica, Public Health Nurse

"Working with Leisse was a catylst for cracking my life wide open. Her guidance helped me to look deeper, where I found the courage that I needed, living just below the surface. Leisse has a way of cutting through the fluff. There's no BS; she lives her truth, and lights the way for others to live theirs.

Brhea, Entrepreneur

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