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to call myself beloved
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Clarity in what you want.
Confidence in who you are.
Courage to stay true to both.

Courageously become the vision of yourself you can’t stop dreaming about.

“To Call Myself Beloved: The Podcast With Leisse Wilcox” is the place to be to find clarity in what you want, confidence in who you are, and the courage to stay true to both – all while driving to work or at home doing the dishes. These are the conversations we all want to have, and my podcast is the perfect place to have them. 

Working with Leisse for the past two years has been absolutely transformational! She’s a gifted coach and even more so a badass human being with unbelievable compassion and empathy. Anyone should be so lucky as to work with her. It has been hard as hell and it has been extremely uncomfortable. But today I experience a calm, even during challenging times, that I have never had before. Totally worth every step of this journey. Looking back I was constantly in a state of confusion with little to no self-confidence and I felt stuck there. Leisse helped me realize that not only did I have a voice but that I had something important to say - even if it was just for my own benefit. Through coaching I really dug deep and found root causes of some of the blocks I was experiencing and with the help of manifestation techniques I am now working one of my many dream jobs. Working with Leisse has for me been a longterm solution for dealing with whatever uncomfortable or painful situation life throws my way, standing in my truth, and coming out stronger. Today, I do not feel shame about the pains I experience - I am proud and speak from a place of confidence and honesty about the pain points in my life. I know for a fact any of this would not have been possible without the loving guidance of Leisse. She will continue to be the gift that I give myself.
Mathilde, NGO
In just one hour of working with Leisse, I was able to discover where my core belief - “fear of failure” was rooted from which gave me more clarity in what I resort to when things get hard. Working with Leisse not only helps you open a portal to become more clear with your internal blocks but it also creates more confidence to move forward through those blocks. It’s no surprise that Leisse has the knowledge and power to help you take the steps to change your life and she offers so much compassion and security as you work through it. Its a true gift to be able to work with her.
Allie, Entrepreneur & Athlete