How To Be A Human Episode 013 How To Reclaim (and de-shame) Period Health with Alyssa Bertram

Today I am having a beautiful conversation with Alyssa Bertram all about de-shaming periods!  Alyssa is the CEO and Founder of easy. a service that delivers 100% organic cotton feminine hygiene products right to your door and donates a portion of profits to delivering sanitary pads to Kenyan girls. Alyssa supports the movement to end menstrual shame and promote access to safe products for all girls and women.

Alyssa and I talk about;

  • The importance of ending the shame around a natural, healthy cycle that women experience
  • Talking openly and honestly about our periods, especially with our partners.
  • Breaking the cycle of period shame starting with how we teach AND speak to our young girls about their period.
  • And so much more…

Grab your french press coffee, or some tacos and come join us!

You can connect with Alyssa online at 

and check out easy. at

on Instagram @easyperiod  & @alyssa.bertram

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