How to Handle a Global Pandemic

Spoiler alert: Nobody knows.
But here are my best mindset practices that are helping my clients and me.

This is new for all of us.
This is a radical change for all of us.
We are all figuring out how to do this.

How am I personally doing this?
The same way I’m advising all my clients and podcast listeners to do this:
1. Feel your feelings
2. Moment by moment
3. Hang on to hope.
4. Look for the helpers.
5. Find a way to make this your own.

This pandemic is triggering all of our deepest, darkest shit, bringing it to the surface, and forcing us to confront it. Like, now.


I am here to support you; I have turned my dining table into content central and have:
+ started a YouTube channel with anxiety shifting techniques for you and your kids
+ been interviewed by TELUS, The Great Canadian Woman, Dr Karin, Entreflix, sharing insights and mindset practices to deal with adversity, and will be a part of the Stay at Home Heroes video project, coming soon.
+ created several podcasts on To Call Myself Beloved including:
How to Create Balance, Right Now
How the Hell to Cope With a Global Pandemic
How to Make Your Relationships Thrive

Being in isolation does not have to be isolating.
Reach out anytime; I am here to support you.
xx LW


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