How to Set Boundaries With Your Own Compassion

“Too often we are conditioned to feel the need to be in constant competition. There’s a misguided perception that being who we are, AS we are, in business, life and love won’t be enough until we prove we are better than someone else and maybe not even then.”

The myth around competition is a topic I have spoken on before and one that I feel is extremely important, I wrote a chapter all about it in my book, To Call Myself Beloved. So for today’s episode, I decided to read this actual chapter to you, not just because I am so excited for my book baby to be born, but because I am so passionate about this topic.

I get pretty fired up in this one everyone. I touch on some really key points, such as:

The root of where our intense need to compete with others actually comes from
Why the phrase “collaboration over competition” being used on social media makes me nauseous and feel a whole lot of swear words.

How competition all stems back to doing the work on loving YOURSELF, accepting yourself, and not seeking outward approval when you are winning. And so much more!

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If you’re feeling more in the mood to sit sipping your coffee and read this episode head over to The Myth of Competition to read the full transcription.

Are you ready to dive in?

References from today’s episode: 

Beware the Female Empowerment Brand

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