Inner Peace is the New Success

“The more clear you are on your gifts, the more authentically you show up, the more authentically you show up, the more at peace you feel. The more at peace you feel, the more successful you become.”

Is inner peace actually the brand new metric of success??

I say 100%! Success is a long game, not an overnight smash hit, and part of becoming successful in your business is really about being at peace within yourself.

Success doesn’t get defined by the money in your bank account, or the number of followers you have, it gets defined by the joy and peace your business can bring to you. Once you’re at peace within you, it is my belief that everything else just flows into place.

Come join me this morning as I chat about:

• How focusing on my own purpose and my own vision and doing it in my own way helped bring me inner peace within my business and my life
• Knocking down the notion that success is a short term “hustle and grind” or just takes “10 easy steps”. It’s a long game, and I explain why.
• How my business still brought in passive income, and didn’t implode without me while I took a 1 week vacation
• Less than a month until my book launches!!!! Have you preordered your copy yet???

Are you ready to dive in?

References from today’s episode:

Nothing Will Be Good Enough For You Until YOU Are Good Enough For You!

Beware, the Female Empowerment Brand

• Is Instagram Ruining Our Lives?

My 2 online courses: First, Love Yourself. & …Like You Own The Place: Cultivate Your Confidence

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