To Feel Myself Beloved

“Can you love yourself enough to call yourself beloved? Can you love yourself enough to feel yourself beloved on this earth? Yes, you fucking can.” 

In this final episode, Leisse shares:

  • Her self commitment ceremony story
  • Exciting news about a brand new podcast show
  • A beautiful closing on To Call Myself Beloved that leads into a beautiful new podcast.


Thank you so much for tuning into this podcast throughout the weeks.  It has been an honour being able to share this space with you, to have these conversations, it would be both an honour and a pleasure and frankly, a gift to invite you to join me on my next podcast, which somehow we’ll get you the notification about. One last question before we go; can you love yourself enough, to appreciate the sheer magnitude of your own significance? Yes, you fucking can. Now lets go get some tacos 😉

You can find me online at and over on instagram at @leissewilcox

If you are looking for my book To Call Myself Beloved, you can find it here

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Leisse Wilcox

Leisse Wilcox

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