Confidence is Sexy

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Confidence is sexy. 

Beauty is confidence, and confidence is beautiful. Body awareness, positivity, appreciation, celebration…it all has a magnetic quality, and makes us feel like we are literally being drawn towards the most confident ones. Physical beauty is shiny and nice, but it’s the deeper stuff, that electricity that comes from being unabashedly yourself that really keeps you hooked. Understanding THAT – and REALLY owning it – is essential to self-love, partnership, long-lasting intimacy, and embracing joy and pleasure to the fullest degree.  

In the short period post-divorce and post-breast cancer treatment, my body, my mind, and my heart have undergone radical transformations, and have cultivated a better (read: more secure, more joyful, more confident, and WAY more pleasurable relationship with myself. That allows me to fully show up as the woman I am – in any and every stage of life – with authenticity, passion, confidence, and love in every other relationship in my life.  

At first, divorce made me think “I wasn’t good at” relationships. In reality, divorce taught me everything I need to know about communication, boundaries, authenticity, values, self-love, and priorities. 

 At first, my decision to go flat after breast cancer, chemo, and a double mastectomy made me think I would never be attractive to anyone again – with super short hair and a flat chest. In reality, the experience of such a dramatic physical transformation made me take a deep look inside, and bravely shine the light at old and outdated patterns and beliefs surrounding lovability…and drove home the point that when I lead with my light, my energy, and my true authenticity, I attract exactly the right people at exactly the right time. 

Magic happens when you give yourself the permission you’ve been looking for to flow with who you are. Embrace your authentic self (and every scar, roll, story, stretch mark, curve, and quirk) and feel the freedom you have to BE you when you’re there, in every area of your life. And if you need a little help transitioning that authenticity back to the bedroom (or…kitchen?), K-Y  is there with you to empower your body in the heat of the moment.

Confidence is beauty; body awareness, positivity, celebration, and appreciation…it all has a magnetic quality. Understanding that, and really owning it, is essential to self-love and embracing joy and pleasure to the fullest degree. 

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