What you want exists: if you can imagine it to be true, then it is.

So why settle for anything less? Settling for what you don’t want is a gigantic neon sign that you don’t truly believe you can have – or that you deserve – what it is that you really want. When you are super clear on what it is that you want, the next step is to make yourself believe that both are true, that:
1. what you want exists, and
2. yes, you can 100% have it because you, my love, are definitely worthy of it.

This is not at all a finger pointing blame thing, a la “you don’t believe! Imposter! It’s all your fault! Failure!”


This is a call to action, a call to awareness for setting and honouring your standards. Getting what you really want is another way of saying that you get to feel how you really want to feel. Maybe that’s freedom, loved, wealthy, in great physical shape, like you’re making a difference, safe and secure, seen, heard, appreciated, adored…how do you want to feel, and what is it that gets you closer to experiencing more of that feeling?

One of my favourite exercises to implement your plan, and call in the people, opportunities, and little “synchronicities” that move you towards how you want to feel, is creative visualization. That’s a fancy way of saying “indulge in epic daydreams.” If you haven’t experienced something as reality before, your brain doesn’t fully believe that it’s real.

So you need to teach your brain otherwise; the best description I’ve heard is “mental rehearsal,” and daydreaming / creating the vision in your head that is so rich, it already feels real in your mind, making it possible for you to find it in your physical reality.

Still with me?

Whether it’s the career change that enables you to make a bunch of cash while working from home and still go on field trips with your kids, find the love of your damn life to wake up and have coffee with, finally make the trip to Bali and stay in one of those little houses floating on the water, your job this weekend is to let yourself indulge in the epic daydream of what you want, and how it makes you feel.

When you get comfortable with that, start noticing all the little clues sent to you that it’s working – the right message on Instagram will pop up at the right time, you’ll meet someone “spontaneously” who just got back from travelling and is more than happy to talk details, a course will become available that fits your schedule and goals to make the career leap…or you’ll hear that smooth song, perfect in every way, that you swear was written about you by your future partner.

What you want exists; and you, my darling, are worthy of receiving it, and of enjoying it.  Keep not settling.

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