How to level-up your self-love

Your self is your one true home. And when you make peace with that fact, “all you have to do” is be comfortable with being comfortable in your one true home.

You can’t do it all, can’t solve it all, can’t manage it all. And frankly, there is a lot that happens way way way outside your control. However.

You CAN take agency and ownership of your own life, your own feelings, and let that be what guides YOUR actions. And when you live life from that place, that is how you truly affect the greatest change overall and have the biggest impact on the world around you.

You start right here with being yourself. Every block you experience in our life, every subconscious pattern that holds you back, every silent whisper that that’s not FOR you,” stems from masking, hiding, or ignoring who you truly are. That is genuine self-acceptance, which is the foundation of self-love.

Self-love and acceptance roll out in phases. Once you’ve experienced the glorious phase of getting clear on what you want, confidence in who you are, and finding the courage to stay true to both, you have the pleasure of phase two: letting yourself BE loved.

Sometimes in phase one, we get so good at setting boundaries to protect ourselves, that we notice we’ve inadvertently built legit walls around us as protection.

But walls aren’t the answer. Keeping everyone out in the name of independence isn’t the answer. “Just doing you” and “not giving a f***” isn’t the answer, either.

The answer is something that challenges so many of us who’ve pendulum swung from letting everyone in (and being quietly disappointed) to letting nobody in (and being quietly disappointed).

The next level of self-love is being ourselves and accepting ourselves fully as we are – and then appreciating that other people love and accept us fully as we are.

And that can make us just a little uncomfortable, all over again. 

Growth and development are crucial to self-awareness and self-mastery. And still there is a tipping point at which it becomes self-sabotage – in a totally “appropriate” or even celebrated way.

If you want to next level the relationship you have with yourself, take the healthy loving boundaries you know how to set, shine in the authenticity you’ve uncovered, and allow yourself to share it with the right people who are just praying to meet someone exactly like you, at this moment. 

You are worthy of love, from yourself, from a community of wonderful people, and from a partner who can’t wait to do life with you.

I can teach you how to get real with yourself and finally enable you to live and love the life you actually want, without the anxiety/fear of being judged, while remaining open to receiving the kind of love you’ve been dreaming of / re-watching episode of The Office to live vicariously through.

If you need clarity, confidence, or courage in discovering and embracing who that woman is, you are in the right place. 

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