How to set healthy, loving boundaries

The most valuable I thing I own?

My peace. Hands down. And man, I have paid a high price for it, both literally and figuratively.

Although I had very much hoped to Amazon Prime my peace – like I do with most of the other things I want in my life – instead, I had to learn how to set very clear, very healthy, very loving boundaries.

It cost a lot to invest in myself, in the person I wanted to be, and it cost a lot to walk away from the person I no longer was. I value peace so much, and I paid dearly for it, and it was so worth it. It was worth every penny, every dollar, every hard decision, every word of every uncomfortably necessary conversation, every moment I thought I was going to throw up, pass out, or not ever be able to figure out what to do next. And it was worth the expense.

I was asked during a recent podcast interview how I define success; while I think that the definition of “success” is unique to each person, I also think GENUINE success is measured in our own comfort level with who and where we are. I think that when you’re clear on what your values are (an exercise I do with all my coaching clients), you can make informed decisions that serve who you are and where you’re going.

And when you’re living a life aligned with your values, THAT is when you experience true harmony and peace, which makes you feel like you’re winning at life. 

That arrival is worth the price of admission, and every toll paid along the way. And it starts with getting very clear on what YOUR values are, and drawing your own line in the sand to live in alignment WITH those values.

For all you (recovering) people pleasers? Fact: There are going to people in your life with whom you are going to HAVE to have a relationship who you just don’t really like. The ones who don’t align with your values, but whom you can’t run away from, and instead need to learn how to deal with in a healthy way that honours who you are, and how you show up.

My podcast episode 5 is live, and talking about how to set those loving, healthy boundaries. This is BASIC communication and relationship skills – in every area of our life – that we SELDOM get proper education on until it’s too late, and those boundaries have been all kinds of violated. 

To Call Myself Beloved: the Podcast With Leisse Wilcox is available on Spotify and Google. This will next level your existing – and future – relationships. (Insert John Krasinski emoji riiiight here). Tag me in a photo of you listening! 🖤🎧


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