If you want love, release the narrative that you’re unlovable.

If you want to make a shit ton of money, release the expectation that you can’t.

If you want to be a vision of health, let go of the story that keeps you in an unhealthy or overindulgent place. 

This is not a simple process. It’s unlearning, healing, re-programming, it’s messy and uncomfortable, and is most easily navigated with a coach or guide you connect with. And it’s entirely necessary to let go of this past in order to get on and secure your delicious future. Completely possible, and totally worth it.

Sometimes we want something so badly, but let ourselves get blocked by something else in the past. You can imagine the person you really want to be with, what it feels like sharing a life together…and somehow, something feels like it’s preventing you from calling that person in. After all, you “found a way to mess up the last few guys you dated,” so why would the next one be different anyway? You aren’t happy in your current career, but lack the confidence to start fresh, because hey – this one didn’t work out, neither did the last, so “I guess I failed here too.”

Relationships, jobs, parenting, getting pregnant, weight loss, and a host of other “but I already tried and it didn’t work” scenarios: in rehashing what didn’t work out, and labeling it as failure, UGH! We are labelling OURSELVES in that same way, and letting it shape our identity as to WHO and WHAT we are.

The key detail we’re missing is that there IS no failure, only feedback. And every experience we have gives us really valuable information to carry forward as we move on.

So try again: what did you learn from each experience you’ve had? How did it shape your view, your skill set, your perspective and clarity on what you want? When you’ve garnered all the lessons, and cemented how they’ve helped you evolve as a person, let go of it.

Let go of any old narratives that try to define you as anything less than who and what you are. Welcome in the future that’s being created just for you.

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