Peace, love, and wild. Oh, and wifi.

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Vacation mode turned ON.

Someone once told me that the greatest part of being an entrepreneur is that you only work part-time – and YOU get to choose which 12 hours of the day that is.

Building a laptop lifestyle that allows me to BE the parent I want to be, build an INTERNATIONAL list of one on one and brand clients, AND work from wherever the hell I want is f***ing DOPE. It also means I almost never put my phone down. (Like it comes to the bathroom with me. In fact, I’ve almost certainly texted you from the bathroom. More than once ).

I have to CONSCIOUSLY remove my phone from my person and presence, and am diligent about that when I’m with my kids, because it is uber important to me that I am as present as possible with and for them.

We are en route, as a family, to a cabin up north. I love that I can be there, be present with my family, and have the freedom to use my max data with Telus for all the really important things – like sunsets, family selfies, and boomerangs of kids jumping off the water trampoline – and maintain the peace of mind that even in the woods, we have the safety and security to reach out to the “real world” with no threat of overage or bad reception, with options like the Telus Peace of Mind rate plan. 🖤

This is a much needed, and much looked forward to family vacay, even for my OWN peace of mind. Family time is everything; here’s hoping I don’t lose my phone while canon balling of the dock. Better stay safely on the beach with my book…just in case.

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