That’s Dope: How to be informed on the legalization of pot

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You know what’s dope? Having a well-informed opinion.

In October, pot will be legal in Ontario, which has opened a conversation on the spectrum of “ohhhh, this is bad, this is very, VERY bad” to “far out, man.”  Each of us comes to the table with our own experience and our own education, for better or for worse; it seems that as more and more people have discovered the benefits of what feels good in their life, more and more people have felt reverb effects on their lives from substance use.  Hence the frenetic conversation.

With change comes fear, because the unknown can feel scary.  WeedAdvisor is a new site that has launched, and aims to strip away that fear and provide one easy, streamlined, and convenient place to get the real truth on what you need to know, because there are lots of questions being asked:

Is cannabis a plant-based solution to what ails you?  Is it addictive?  Should it be available in the same way alcohol and cigarettes are?  Are they on the same level?  Who comes out on top?  Who gets hurt?  Does anyone?  What does it mean for our relationships, our culture, our communities…our kids?

WeedAdvisor helps you find what you’re looking for, be it information or product (including dispensaries, just for registered users), in a safe and informed place; they’ll even give you $25 off your first purchase when you go to their site and register now.


Having an open mind to a frank and honest conversation is good for all of us. 

And when we understand the what’s, why’s and how’s, we can use that information to form an opinion, which carries the conversation deeper and more openly.  That’s the kind of no-unfair-judgment conversation that helps us be more active members of our community, and more aware people and parents.

So check it out, get informed, and have an opinion.

(And if this sounds like your thing, share this post with a friend to keep the conversation going – and maybe even find someone to share your late night club sandwich with xo).


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