The Duality of Fear

When you’re having a hard time, read this. 


My fear wants me to believe it will always be this hard. 

My soul wants me to believe it will always get easier. 

My ego wants me to quit, give up, and spiral out. 

My heart wants to me trust, exhale, and believe. 

My past self wants to maniacally scream out “I F*CKING TOLD YOU SO!” with her finger in my face. 

My future self wants to silently tilt her head, sexy smile and flirt out the “come hither” motion. 

My masculine wants me to create an actionable weekly strategy plan with measurable outcomes. 

My feminine wants me to sink in, let the hell go, and be curious about what happens. 

My inner child wants to have a tantrum and lash out. 

My inner mother wants to scoop me up and stroke my hair, gently rocking. 

My inner victim wants to lay on the floor and cry. 

My inner Queen wants to regain composure and lead. 

My ego wants me to feel trapped. 

My spirt wants me to feel free. 

I just want to float in a rose water bubble bath and listen to Miles Davis. 


This duality – this push pull duality that at its best gives us a glorious and full range of experience, and at its worst makes us feel like we’re being tossed around the rocks and ocean – is just part of us. 

I know it’s scary. Not knowing feels really scary. 

Allow yourself to not know, and to be ok with not knowing; can you love yourself enough to be ok with not knowing?

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