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You are worthy of feeling good – and you’re allowed to ask for help.

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six month private mentorship experience

Actionable Therapy.

It's the real deal.

The blessing and the curse of being a highly capable woman is that you can do. It. All. Which is exhausting – and asking for help to figure out your own, very human stuff, can feel a little vulnerable or even frightening.

Coaching with me is a really special process, it’s an honour for me to be part of it, and it will most likely feel like “actionable therapy” for you. 

It’s so important to hire the coach with whom you feel a connection, because that’s a great sign that you’re going to get what exactly you need from the experience.

breakthrough day experience

One Day. Epic Shift. Lasting Transformation

I’m offering the most epic Breakthrough Day Experience in which you pick one aspect of your life to focus on and we go deep. 

It feels – no joke – like six months of coaching in one 8-hour day.


Figure out your values. Your genuine identity. Your career focused purpose. Your joy. Your lifestyle. How that all integrates to support you beyond work and Into you family and personal life. The parts of you that each want something different and feels like they’re making it hard to make a decision. 


We identify old patterns that don’t serve. Old patterns that DO serve. Limiting beliefs and blind spots that have made things harder than need be, and tap into areas of passion and authenticity that make things “easier than they should be.”


And by the end of the day (it’s between 5-8 hours) you leave feeling totally free and clear, stepping into the embodied next level you. 

It’s so f*cking special.

Totally safe and inclusive space respecting your own comfort levels, 100% guided intuitively by what feels right and good for YOU, specifically, and informed by every single one of my own master-level healing modalities. 

We can do the breakthrough session by zoom, and follow it up with me sending you to the spa of your choice for a day of integrative relaxation.

It’s legit badassery at the highest of Queen levels.

How does that sound?

Make the decision that feels good – even if you’re afraid.

One of my superpowers is making people feel really held and safe through the whole enchilada, no matter if it’s breakthrough, group, or private. 

It feels so good to have someone bear witness to your own unique experience and make it ok to feel what you’re feeling, as it’s happening.

self-study online course
First, Love Yourself.

The most important relationship you have is the one you have one with yourself!

Register here for my signature self-study program guaranteed to level up your perspective, mindset, and acceptance of who. You. Are.
self-study online course
...Like You Own The Place: Cultivate Your Confidence

"I want what she's having"


Introducing my breakthrough course —- Like You Own The Place: Six Strategies Guaranteed To Level Up Your Natural Confidence

group coaching collective

The French Salon

Elevate Your Peer Group and Rise Up

Does it feel like “women supporting women” is a myth?


My NEW “French Salon” Collective Coaching x LW Experience is about to radically change your mind. My French Salon Series is here to show you – right now – what it feels like to have the kind of support in your professional, love, and family life. I’m curating an intimate group of high-achieving, purpose driven women who are ready for epic growth in an inclusive, supportive, and connected setting.

If you are ready to really level up – like, for real this time – you must surround yourself with other people who get it. If you can’t stop dreaming about the business, wealth, freedom, joy, and impact you know you can have on the world, this one’s for you.

What it looks like: 

Two x One-Hour LIVE Calls
12 – 1 pm EST 

Education Call Tuesdays 

Coaching + Connection Call Thursdays

November 2020: Work + Professional Growth 

January 2021: Body Image + Physical Wellness 

March 2021: Relationships + Love 

May 2021: Family Dynamics 

September 2021: Personal Growth + Emotional Health 

November 2021: Spirituality + Manifesting Re-defined 

 $750 USD / mo x 12 months 

Or $7K USD when you pay in full

What it Feels Like: 
+ Sacred and inclusive space to connect with like-valued women supporting women 
+ Supported and seen in a community of bright and engaged members who each have something to learn and something to teach. 
 + Wisdom sharing + Authentic community and connection 
+ Facilitated by me, with a specific touchstone to anchor each of the 2x weekly  hour-long Zoom calls.

This was made for you. Apply here right now


Focus: a sacred and inclusive space to connect with like-minded women supporting women; feel supported and seen in a community of bright and engaged members who each have something to learn and something to teach. Facilitated by me, with a specific touchstone to anchor each of the six weekly X two hour zoom calls, per series


You in?

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This is
Emotional Alchemy.
Working with Leisse was absolutely paradigm shifting.

She captivates with a combination of brilliant analogies that allowed me to immediately understand and trace the origin of my issues.

It felt like a year of therapy in one hour.

Suzanne, CEO
I had a life-changing experience which was a direct result of working with Leisse/ Prior to my work with Leisse, I knew how I wanted to feel, but I was unable to step out of my current mindset and move forward to obtain that desired feeling. After working with this incredible coach, I feel much more clear in my values and boundaries.

Leisse taught me that by adjusting my perspective on people and situations in my life, it shifts my feelings and creates my desired outcomes. I feel very blessed that I was given the opportunity to work with such an amazing woman.
Brandy, Homemaker
Working with Leisse made everything I was feeling become so clear.

She helped me weed through everything I was feeling become so clear. I let go of past mistakes and hurts faster than I ever thought possible. I became centred and motivated in ways I didn't realize were possible.

I would highly recommend Leisse as a coach and have on numerous occasions since we started working together.
Megan, Marketing Director
I came across Leisse on Instagram and was immediately drawn in and knew I needed to work with her. I was going through some major life transformations and felt a lot of anxiety for my future. As I worked with Leisse she helped me to feel the power that was within me. She gave me space to express all my fears and then helped me learn that I was going to overcome it all. There was purpose for me and I was capable. I’m so grateful the universe put me in her helping hands.
Katy, Coach
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